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Ridefast - Triumph Tailor Made DPS - RGB Digital

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Ridefast - Triumph Tailor Made DPS - RGB

Transform your ride to be as unique as you are – with a tailor made solution from Triumph Johannesburg. Whether it’s a hyper-customized look, a specific kind of engine roar or a particular kind of raw power you’re yearning for, our team at Triumph Motorcycles Johannesburg is in the business of making those dreams come to life. As a rider you’ll know: the relationship between rider and bike is a personal one. The longer you are together, the more it evolves. We’ve all envisioned that dream design – the exact look and feel which reflects our deepest riding persona. So, what exactly does that look like for you? Not 100% sure yet? Our team of visionaries will help you along the way in crafting something out of this world making it your dream bike, there is no custom job too big or too bold for our team. We stock a multitude of genuine Triumph accessories and premium parts – giving you the power to create or recreate any kind of look. Whether that’s Modern Classic, Cafe Racer, Scrambler, Old School, Sleek, Adventure or any other one-of-a-kind design you’ve dreamed up in your head - we’re here for it. With the help of unique craftsmanship from local artisans, each customisation is tailor made to make your vision a reality. In terms of our customisation journey and ethos, our Bonneville bikes are where it all started at Triumph. They are also a favourite amongst all of our riders, as they offer the widest range of accessories and add-ons. Our Bonnies are the perfect choice if you want to bring your own unique design and character - the silhouette and chassis of this bike just begs to be customised! However, your vision can be created on any of our bikes - utilising genuine Triumph accessories and the option of a number of local and international suppliers.