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You don’t need coffee

You don’t need coffee to appreciate this bike. Plans were made (that included a bit of begging) to collect and take her for a proper spin… And a few days later, we were grinning our way along the freeway outside the store towards the Far East Rand. Technically Speaking: The sales blurb. “Meet the next generation of the KTM 1290 SUPER DUKE GT. At first glance, the “GT” betrays the distinct, extremely aggressive base of the 1290 SUPER DUKE R that became famous as the “Beast”. Even though it was drafted as a separate model, the GT approaches touring from a very sporty angle.” This KTM is the cutting-edge interpretation of a sport bike fit for travel. “The 1290 SUPER DUKE GT is not a slimmed-down super tourer with racing stripes, it is an extremely sporty real-world champion, which for the first time masters the seemingly impossible split between mountainous twisties, comfortable long-distance highway travelling and breathtaking track day use, thanks to intelligent and innovative design and technology.” The 1290 SUPER DUKE GT features a new LED Headlight, Handguards, improved wind protection, a full colour TFT Dashboard, a whole new shape of the front and many details like storage compartments and connectivity features. The GT’s engine also sees updates including titanium inlet valves, resonator chamber technology and new mapping, resulting in even further refinement, speed and performance. Include every single electronic innovation known to mankind and you have a breathtaking package that is actually rather practical (And the folks at KTM will hate that description but we will explain… Is it all true? Here is what we thought... Looks: KTM is Brash, loud, innovative and in your face with many of their unique ideas. They can never be accused of copying. The styling on this bike is – well unusual to say the least. The cross section of people that we spoke to had mixed reactions. Certainly not classic looks – and they take some getting used to. But we will tell you – every time we opened the garage… it looked better and better. Ergonomically we expected a very racy feel, but the GT is so well thought out and comfortable. The relation of feet to seat to bars is very natural and comfortable. She is not tall either – your feet are flat on the ground. We love all of the nooks and crannies that they have included for storage. They did their homework and listened to what people wanted – from USB ports to power ports, this is a very comprehensive package. The adjustable screen is simple and effective.