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We quickly found

We quickly found ‘sport mode’ which ups the power and makes the Z900 even more fun to ride. Getting used to the handling dynamics is quick, even though as with most bikes of this genre the chassis is a bit shorter, it is not twitchy on take-off or in the corners nor under braking as some might be. Even with my 115kg bulk on board. The power from that howling 4 cylinder motor does encourages you to misbehave, mainly because that 948cc power plant pushes out so much lekker power. This particular model was not fitted with a quick shifter, but the gearbox is really smooth and the clutch soft enough that you don’t really miss it. All that stuff is great, but how does a bike make you feel? Is it just a form of transport or a tool to win trophies? Or, do you look back at it when walking away from it? Does it haunt your dreams? Do you just sit and stare at it, or does it make you want to constantly want to ride, buy things for it, redecorate your home for it? Does it move your soul? (Yes, I know that is a bit of a cliché, but … Does It?). If not, you’re on the wrong bike! In my opinion, the Z900 is an affair of the heart. When it was dropped at the office the other guys had picked up a couple of other really gorgeous bikes and were standing around admiring them, until the Z900 pulled up. The next morning there was a bit of a bun fight about who was going to ride the Z900 first on the days testing. And it was like that at just about every stop during the day. Every single rider smiled from ear to ear and always gave a thumbs up while pointing at the Z9. Not only because it is soul stirringly beautiful, but is just does everything so well, from diving in and out of corners, to hauling ass in a straight line and to complete misbehavior. I’ve got a few superfluous organs and body parts for sale if anybody is interested, I really think a Z900 needs to be in my garage. for your closest dealer