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All the NEWS proudly brought to you by HJC HELMETS BMW carbon-fibre swingarm replacement concept… Amongst the landmarks in motorcycle design, the swingarm stands out as one of the greatest. But now BMW have come up with a revised version of the idea that takes advantage of their extensive experience with carbon fibre. With the launch of the HP4 Race in 2017, BMW snuck in before Ducati’s 1299 Superleggera to offer a full carbonframed superbike. Bloemfontein. Petronas MotoGP Replica R1 Yamaha Europe and YART team up for limited-run Petronas MotoGP replica R1 Yamaha Europe has teamed up with Yamaha Austria Racing Team (YART) to create a run of 46 individually numbered Petronas Sepang Racing MotoGP team replica YZF-R1s. The 46 machines have been commissioned to celebrate 46 years of Petronas – the satellite squad’s title sponsor – and will cost a measly 46,000€ each, excluding VAT. The bikes are available to European customers only. With the team currently leading the championship, thanks to two wins for Frenchman, Fabio Quartararo, at the beginning on the season, each bike has been dusted with a number of performances enhancing goodies to help the rider extract more on circuit. YART run one of three GYTR Pro Shops in Europe – specialist outlets selling ‹Genuine Yamaha Technology Racing› performance parts to everyone from track day riders, to World Superbike teams. Starting on the outside, the four-cylinder superbike gets a carbon fibre fairing kit, complete with MotoGP-inspired winglets and special livery supplied by the same company that do the race bikes. Hidden beneath that is a racing ECU, which will work in tandem with the quick action throttle for greater acceleration. Helping further and unlocking more of that yowling crossplane crank soundtrack is a full racing exhaust. Away from straight line punch, each bike will also get Öhlins FGRT series forks and a TTX rear shock, plus a new steering damper. For faster rubber changes in pit lane, there is also a quick release for the rear wheel. All bikes will be shod with Michelin race slicks upon sale. While the exotic track-only BMW wasn’t exactly a machine for the masses, it demonstrated that they were serious about transferring their knowledge of carbon fibre to motorcycles. A next-gen version, based around the ShiftCam engine from the latest S1000RR, is surely on the way, and a new patent suggests the firm might have another ace up their sleeve when it comes to weight reduction. The HP4 Race had a conventional aluminium swingarm, despite using carbon for its frame, bodywork and even wheels, but the new design shows a chassis with mouldedin rear suspension. The term swingarm doesn’t really apply, since it doesn’t have a pivot to swing on. Instead the design relies on the fantastic properties of carbon-fibre, which can be made incredibly flexible – think carbon fishing rods, pole vault poles or archery bows – or immensely rigid, like the HP4 Race’s frame, simply by changing the layout of the fibres within.The two properties can even be combined, orienting the fibres in such a way that the component can bend in one direction and remain rigid in others, and that’s what BMW are doing here. In the centre of the swingarm there’s a hollow carbon box section but BMW have added four layers of carbon above it and another four below, all with the fibres aligned so they run from front to rear. These allow the arm to flex up and down, providing rear suspension movement. What’s more, the layered pattern of the fibres mean they act like leaf springs – eliminating the need for a conventional coil spring. Composite or carbon leaf springs are already a known technology, pioneered by the Chevrolet Corvette in the early 1980s. They’re far lighter than steel springs and can be designed to have linear or rising spring rates. BMW’s been messing around with carbon-fibre motorcycle frames for years. Does that mean we’ll see a carbon-fibre swingarm on an upcoming superbike? Don’t get your hopes up. A patent application is no guarantee of production, even if the problems and questions can be ironed out. No doubt BMW’s finest boffins are slaving away on this question at this very moment! Aint Technology something? K1600GTL 2013 28000km R 139 900.00 R1200GS LC 2017 21600km R149 900.00 F850GS 2019 4000 km R145 900.00 R1200RT 2015 64000km R124 900.00 R1200R 2018 24500km R124 900.00 F750GS 2019 2000km R144 900.00 F700GS 2015 5500km R85 000.00 G310R 2020 1500km R62 900.00 R1250GSA 2020 5000km R289 900.00 R1250GS 2020 5500km R259 900.00 F850GSA 2020 2500km R199 900.00 R1250GSA 2019 5500km R295 000.00 Stopping power is provided by Brembo, with GP-4RX calipers biting onto chunky T-Drive discs. Brembo have also provided the clutch lever and front remote brake adjuster. The bike will also roll on seven-spoke aluminium Marchesini wheels. It’s not all about the motorcycle though and alongside your race-ready superbike, each buyer will also receive a KYT helmet, Petronas Yamaha polo shirt and the opportunity to be a VIP guest at a future MotoGP round of their choosing. Cool Huh! F850GS 2018 7000km R142 900.00 R NineT Scrambler 2020 1500km R194 900.00 BMW Motorrad Bloemfontein R1200RT 2017 20000km R139 900.00 8 CP Hoogenhout Street, Langenhovenpark, Bloemfontein Tel: 051 400 0000 Cell: 081 571 8420 Email: