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RideFast Nov 2019

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RACE READY Zontes Cup Championship 2020 is a GO! There is a new exciting motorcycle racing series hitting the tracks here in SA for 2020. The new Zontes Cup Championship is set to join the Extreme Festival Series where it will race alongside some of the most established motorcycle and car categories in SA. The Zontes Racing Cup is a series that was created for a specific group of riders. The first objective of the series is to accommodate a group of motorcycle enthusiasts that are at any skill level, age, male or female. The idea to create, within a one make series, a competitive well organized racing club. Because this series is limited to a specific group and also the number of entrants, all participants must belong to the Zontes Racing Club. This club wants to provide new riders the opportunity to take part in a competitive world. Arrange a recreational monthly meeting and promote the good image of motorcycling in general. This is a one make series and all Zontes 312cc model motorcycles are authorized to participate. Registrations for a Zontes Club Membership are now openat only R950 for the year, go to this link to complete registration - https://www. Riders will be able to enter a Junior or Senior Zontes Membership. All men and ladies are welcome to enter. There will be four Championships: • Juniors: Open to riders who turns 14 years old in 2020 • Seniors: Open to riders who are at least 21 years old on 1st January 2020 • Overall: Based on time and position finished from Juniors, and Senior classes combined • Ladies: Open to all ages The aim of the championship will be to declare a Club Champion in all classes. The upright standard bars are a bit high for the track, but the crew from Zontes have already made a plan to drop them for the 2020 racebikes. Participants will have access to the following services subject to approval of the series organizers and by presenting their membership cards at any Zontes dealership. • Zontes motorcycles at a subsidized price package. • Subsidized price on spare parts purchased from RST less 20%. • Tyres at cost per rider per event, to be supplied per event, and to be taken for said event only. • Spares like brake pads, levers, rear sets will be available at events. • Demarcated Pit areas at each event shall be provided by the Zontes Cup Organization. • 1st, 2nd and 3rd place trophies to be supplied for two classes (Juniors and Seniors) • TV coverage for each event to be negotiated with the relevant providers. • Website dedicated to the series: • Club membership of the of Zontes Racing Club To be eligible for the above services and discounts, participation is defined as starting in a qualifying session. In the event of non-participation, the Zontes Cup organizers shall decide on eligibility for the above-mentioned services. Membership benefits may be suspended in the event a rider/ member does not partake in a Zontes Cup race meeting for 3 consecutive race meetings. The Bike We were invited along to Redstar Raceway to test out the Zontes 310 X race prepped machine that will be used in next year’s championship. Riders, as mentioned, can also use the naked 310 R as an option, but we quite like the look of the 310 X. While this particular bike still has the headlights, tail light and indicators fitted, most of the other road going parts have been removed. A racing decal kit has also been fitted, which helps give the bike that racing look. Next year’s full-spec bikes will be supplied with plastic race kits with all road kit removed. The Zontes 310 X is a real looker in road trim but in this racier trim it looks so inviting. Heading out on track for the first time and straight away we were impressed with the comfort of the bike. Bottom end acceleration is spunky from the 312cc single-powered fuel injected motor. It climbs through the rev range nice and smoothly and reaches rev limiter (around 11,000rpm) quicker than expected. The bike still has standard gearing fitted and this will be the same for all racebikes for next year. Gearing is not allowed to be changed. In this trim, the bike weights around 157kgs so it’s really easy to handle out on track. The seat height is set at 795mm so will accommodate the smaller riders (like our Shez) and the upright handlebars will also help invite taller/bigger riders. Handling and agility were surprisingly good and the grip from the Bridgestone R09’s fitted was inspiring, but the new R11 tyre will also be available for next year. Once we realized we weren’t on a 1000cc arm wrenching superbike and didn’t have to square corners off and stand it up coming out to avoid being flung skywards, the bike was a real treat and so much fun. Throw it in the corner and hammer the throttle on, that’s pretty much all you have to do on this bike. The brakes did lack a bit of bite, but we have been told the new models for next year will be coming out with bigger front discs so braking will be better. This was very much a prototype machine and there will be big changes for the actual bikes supplied for next year’s championship including a full colour TFT display, single sided swing arm and the bigger front discs. How it will work then for next year is like this – participants will pay a once off fee of only R71,995, that will include everything. Literally arrive and race, Zontes SA will handle all entries, bike setup and maintenance, tyres etc. While they would prefer riders to pay the R71,995 upfront, they will also offer a monthly payment of R6,495 for the year. The new Zontes Cup Championship really does sound like a successful formula that will no doubt attract riders looking to go enjoy the thrill of racing around some of SA’s best circuits, while enjoying the competitiveness out on track and comradery off. We look forward to testing out the new machine and the series once launched next year, so keep a look out for that. For now, if you would like any further information feel free to visit or call John Johnstone on 083 448 6901. Shez was flying out on track... Literally. 66 RIDEFAST MAGAZINE NOVEMBER 2019 RIDEFAST MAGAZINE NOVEMBER 2019 67