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RideFast June 2020

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PURE 2020 KTM 1290 SUPERDUKE R & 890 DUKE R BREEDS The new Dukes have finally arrived in SA! The updated, highly raved about 1290 Superduke R and the latest addition to the range the 890 Duke R. Is the new 1290 SD R that much better? Why bring out an 890 when you have a 790? Rob reveals all... Words by Rob Portman | Pics by Beam Productions The KTM Duke range has been a huge hit over the years and the Austrian outfit continues to make improvements on the full range trying to satisfy old fans, while attracting new riders into the great world of Dukeness. KTM have always been at the forefront of listening to their customers when it comes to what they want in a motorcycle, and more often than not, they get the formula between customers wants, and what they know works spot on – with a few exceptions here and there. The Duke range lends itself to a wide market – from new, and entry level riders on the 125 Duke, to the hooligan clan - craving raw performance and mad pleasure on the 1290 Superduke R. Most have been left satisfied over the years by the Dukes exclusive qualities and riding experience. But KTM are never happy to just settle on a good thing. They want more, they crave more, just like their adoring fans, and that’s what has made them one of the most exciting motorcycle brands out there at the moment. For 2020, KTM have made big updates to their already sublime 1290 SD R and added a new Duke to the range – the 890 R. This got me, and every Duke fan excited, but I couldn’t help wonder why the hell they would release an 890 Duke when they already have a 790 in the range? Why go through all that R&D and production to bring out a machine just with a 100cc more? Well, I quickly found the answer to this and other questions I had regarding not only the 890 R, but also the 1290 R, and I reveal all right here over the next few pages… 48 RIDEFAST MAGAZINE JUNE 2020 RIDEFAST MAGAZINE JUNE 2020 4 9