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RideFast July 2020 2

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All the NEWS proudly

All the NEWS proudly brought to you by HJC HELMETS A.S. RACING ALFIE SWANEPOEL RACING OUT IN PRETORIA - FOR ALL YOUR EXPERT BIKING NEEDS. A.S. Racing based, out on the western edge of Pretoria near Mahem Raceway, are your go to guys if you need some really high end work done on your Superbike, Supermotard, MX, Enduro, Adventure, tourer or cruiser. They are a workshop that started out servicing the highly competitive national and regional racing community many, many years ago and the racing guys were that happy with their work that they started bringing their breakfast run bikes, etc to them to work on as well. Boss man and chief mechanic, Alfie Swanepoel, is a very wellknown and respected name in the SA motorcycle industry and a man driven by his passion for motorcycles and winning races. An ex national racer and champion himself, Alfie really understands that proper bike setup, suspension setup and peak engine performance and reliability gives the racer the edge to win a championship. His knowledge and experience along with his dedication to quality are his main assets. While we were visiting his workshop, a customer wandered in with a race tyre that had some strange wear patterns on it and asked Alfie what it might be. After enquiring at which track and what date, which was recently at RSR, he went on to explain the farmers have just ploughed their lands around the track and being fairly flat and wind swept plains, the track has formed a very fine layer of dust on the surface, which would cause the ‘cold tearing’ on the first couple of laps until the tyres got nice and warm and sticky, because the dust was causing slight slippage on the cold tyres. Alfie then offered a quick and simple solutions, he could set the rebound a bit faster for the customer, which would solve the problem. You learn something new everyday... and that kind of knowledge and experience is what you pay for. Alfie is also an official Ohlins suspension and parts dealer, and stockist, with over R200k worth of official Ohlins suspension tooling and machinery. He regularly travels to Europe to update his knowledge and certifications at Ohlins HQ as well as helping out on some of the F.I.M race teams as their official suspension mechanic - check out the attached letters from some big names in the racing fraternity. An offshoot of his racing experience is building super fast turbo charged bikes, where he bolts on great big turbo’s and uses the Woolich software to upgrade the ECU’s before tweaking them on his dyno. He has also been known to squeeze in big pistons, degreed camshafts, high performance air filters and exhausts, but all of this would be for nothing if you cannot put the power down on the tarmac or track, or slow it down and keep it stable in the twisty bits, or the engine blows itself to pieces, so to this end he is also a stockist of Pirelli tyres, SBS brake pads and discs, DID chains, Renthal sprockets, DNA Air Filters, Air Age exhaust systems, LiquiMoly lubricants and many, many more top of the line bits and bobs for all bikes. So, if you need your bike caressed by a Guru of the motorcycling world get it down to 1202 Malie Rd, Booysens, Pretoria, out near Mahem raceway, or give Alfie a call on 084 523 9229, or drop him a mail on asracing123@gmail. com. Incidentally, he does have some real beauties for sale occasionally, like this 2009 Honda CBR600RR, World Supersport spec race bike ridden to the B.S.B. Supersport championship win in 2009. It comes with a bunch of tasty extra’s... a list too long to mention. So, if you would like the bragging rights of owning a very special one-of-akind work of art, give Alfie a call. 24 RIDEFAST MAGAZINE JULY 2020 RIDEFAST MAGAZINE JULY 2020 25