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RideFast July 2020 2

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All the NEWS proudly

All the NEWS proudly brought to you by HJC HELMETS THE ULTIMATE BIKE GIVEAWAY YOU COULD WIN A CUSTOM BMW S1000RR FOR AS LITTLE AS R150. COVID-19 has touched us all, mostly in a negative way in one form or another. As bikers, whenever there are any challenges, or negativity, we just want to ride, be out there, on our Sunday route, our off road secret pathway or on our cruiser, wind in our hair and the freedom only bikers understand. Not everyone has this fortune. Edgar Hibbert and Johnathan Margaritis from Torque Media have decided to do something special and are giving you all the chance to win a custom build S1000RR. Both men love to ride, anytime, anywhere, They love filming it and taking photos. Reliving the experience and sharing it with others. It’s an obsession born from being passionate about watching other channels doing similar content overseas. They are enthusiasts, by heart - they love motorcycles, drool, and dream of the next work of art. Overseas, in a larger audience base, YouTube and the culture has allowed for Bike Giveaways. Some exotic, some rebuilt, all amazing. The audience and reach are larger, but the principle is the same. “Watch us build a bike, on a reality show, RAW yet edited series on YouTube, for free and you as a viewer for as little as R150-00 Could win this machine” says Johnathan. Their aim is to build a bike on YouTube, bring local suppliers together to make a dream come true for one lucky person. They would like to take stock of what they have available as riders, remind the audience, enthusiasts, and buyers that there are amazing local products that need to be seen and given our support. It breeds better pricing, innovation, and strength in the local biking community. In the end, they want to create entertaining content, give someone a free motorcycle, bring some smiles to the community and most of all create a much-needed injection of support and exposure to the incredible products made right here at home! What is Torque Media? Torque Media was born out of a desire to do more, inspire more and show that we at home can enjoy and show our homeland just as good as anywhere else. That as a community of riders we can come together. Torque Media comprises of 2 people that ride whenever possible as much as possible. Based in Johannesburg they take every opportunity to sneak out of bed, gear up and head out on their bikes. Combined, Ed and Johnathan have 40 years of riding experience, albeit mostly off road, and not professional, but thousands of miles and millions of liters of fuel later and they are just as enthusiastic about getting legs over the saddle as they were at 5 years old. “We’d love nothing more than to build a series that has interaction from both the seller and the buyer, where the audience shapes the series and the suppliers reap the reward with loyal customers.” says Johnathan. To do this, they need the collaboration of the suppliers, fans and community to make this successful. They need entries into the competition to build a continued series. They arranged a 2010 S1000RR from “The Connect” who we featured in last month’s issue and MAD MACS CAPE TOWN HAS A NEW STORE MadMacs Motorcycles; agents for new Suzuki, Kawasaki and Sym motorcycles, has just opened a second branch on the corner of Long street and Prestwich street in Cape Town’s city center. It’s a beautiful dealership and fully stocked with new and used bikes as well as parts and accessories. For all workshop, servicing and DynoJet tuning work visit their branch in Somerset West. Somerset West 021 852 4851 Cape Town City 021 488 9997 @ Mad Macs Motorcycles who shares the same vision in making something fun and exciting for the biker community. BMW Motorrad Fourways then allowed them to use their workshop and the advice of their in-house technicians. They also arranged the major service to ensure the bike was sound and ready to be built into a dream machine. More sponsors climbed on board, GFP, Super Fairings, Ink Monkey, Culture Automotive, Rectron SA and more that have offered. They have built a webpage to facilitate entries and keep the audience up to date via Facebook and Instagram. “We would like to see this grow into a series that continues to involve local specialists, builders and suppliers, that keeps the audience involved and gives back not only to the biker community but also involves a charity for each season. It’s up to the viewers and suppliers to make this work as a whole.” Vist for more info and watch all the episodes on the Torque_ Media YouTube channel. 16 RIDEFAST MAGAZINE JULY 2020 RIDEFAST MAGAZINE JULY 2020 17