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RideFast Jan 2020

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All the NEWS proudly

All the NEWS proudly brought to you by HJC HELMETS HUSQVARNA NORDEN 901 TO HIT PRODUCTION IN 2021. We first saw Husqvarna’s Norden 901 revelaed at the EICMA Show late last year and then we showed it off for the first time in our December issue where we asked if Husqvarna could please put the “concept” into production as it is very much needed/wanted here in SA.. It impressed us right from the beginning, and we’re not the only ones. The Norden got such great feedback that the guys at Husqvarna already announced the series production for 2021. Husqvarna Norden 901 is the Swedish brand’s first big adventure bike and completes the street range of bikes for the brand alongside the VITPILEN 701 and SVARTPILEN 701 neo retro-looking beauties. Incase you didn’t read up about this gorgeous new Swedish beauty, here’s a quick recap; The Norden 901 has the 889.5 cc parallel-twin engine from its orange brother, the KTM 890 Duke R. On the Austrian bike, the engine puts out 125 HP and 99 NM of torque. This time, the engine will be modified for better use on trail road and any other adventure landscape. Still, the power output should be over 105 horsepower, since Husqvarna announced “classleading” power. The suspension, as you might have guessed, it’s produced by WP and the Husqvarna NORDEN 901 has a 21“ wheel on the front and a 19” wheel at the rear. Nothing about the suspension travel, of course, but as you might figure, it should go beyond the 220 mm mark. Furthermore, the Swedish brand promises to deliver with the new bike comfort and handling in a light package for its customers. The bike has spoked wheels, a modern TFT dash that looks like a smartphone and the usual adv-bike features such as mudguard, handguards, engineshield and so on. The round headlight reminds us of the VITPILEN 701 and SVARTPILEN 701 neo-retro motorcycles. We like it and we like also the swingarm that looks like the one on the KTM 790 Adventure. The screen looks large enough and might offer good wind protection. One aspect that was made for gravel and mud roads are the bars that have a high position. The seat is narrow and from our eye, it seems to be quite hard, so we can’t wait to see the comfort level of the Husqvarna NORDEN 901 on a long adventure ride. The exhaust is stylish and beautifully made, a touch of class that Husqy has been known for. The design has a retro-style touch, and the fairings are perfectly hiding the low fuel tank, similar to the one on the 790 adventure. So the Norden 901 must have at least 20 litres of fuel. The Husqvarna Norden 901 will be a rival for Honda’s new Africa Twin, so we’re curious about the price. We test the new offering from Honda later in this issue and can’t wait to swing our leg over the new Husqvarna Norden 901... yes, we are excited about testing an adventure bike, who would have thought? CONQUER THE BIGGEST ADVENTURES - Torque your way out of any situation with the most powerful offroad adventure bike on the market. The KTM 1290 SUPER ADVENTURE R is where Dakar-winning DNA meets the ultimate in power and technology, delivering a limit-crushing ride that enables you to charge off further than ever before. Phone 011 462 7796 for your nearest KTM dealer. Please make no attempt to imitate the illustrated riding scenes, always wear protective clothing and observe the applicable provisions of the road traffic regulations! The illustrated vehicles may vary in selected details from the production models and some illustrations feature optional equipment available at additional cost. Photo: F. Lackner 4 RIDEFAST MAGAZINE JANUARY 2020