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RideFast Jan 2020

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Darryn Binder just

Darryn Binder just couldn’t resist taking the RSV4 1100 Factory for a spin. “It’s a Factorysaurus that makes people tremble in pitlane, but on track it winks at you conspiratorially and says “let’s do this.” It’s the best of both worlds.” It’s a Factorysaurus that makes people tremble in pitlane, but on track it winks at you conspiratorially and says “let’s do this.” It’s the best of both worlds. Be A Racer There’s a conclusion to be drawn from these three models that harks back to their slogan – Be A Racer. Where the other racing brands’s concentrate more on their models and their superiority on the track, Aprilia’s targets the rider and this is a microcosm of the brand, and its target when building models. Let’s put it like this – the Ducati V4 and its subsequent versions is a force to be reckoned with. It is the closest mere mortals are currently going to get to riding a full World Superbike or even a MotoGP machine. It is thrilling to ride, it feels like it wants to rip your head off and I suspect that an experienced racer will draw quicker times on the V4 than anything else. It’s a laudable achievement by tDucati but, on many occasions, the overseas media has rated the RSV4 above the Panigale V4, stating in particular better lap times. How does that work? These are professional motorcycle journalists in shiny race gear talking about losing the front, smoking the rear and suspension damping. Well, let me let you in to a little secret, one that will hopefully spark some patriotic joy. Mostly, those overseas journalists write a good game about their racing prowess, and journalists in South Africa read those stories too and looked upon them with awe. That was until we started getting invited to international launches where we shared a track with these great There is no replacement for displacement and that’s once again evident in the 217hp 1100cc RSV4 Factory. people we had read all about and inspired to be. We nervously went out on track with them and found them to be, well, not so fast. There were a few that had some serious skill, but mostly they were average, towards the back end of the A group at a track day, maybe even in the B group. The South African journalists – all of them – were always among the fastest at a launch, often the fastest. It was a shocker, especially given the game the overseas journalists talked in their stories, but it does go someway towards explaining why the Aprilia was top of their list, and perhaps its a judgement that’s more compelling. The Aprilias don’t light fires under your ass like the Ducatis do, but instead of trying to kill you, they put a comforting hand on your shoulder and say: “come on, let’s do this”. A top racer will be quicker on a Ducati but most other people, I suspect, will do quicker times on an Aprilia. They make being a racer far easier. THE NUMBERS ENGINE: 1077cc Aprilia longitudinal 65° V-4 cylinder, 4-stroke, liquid cooling system, double overhead camshafts (DOHC), four valves per cylinder POWER: 217 HP @ 13,200 rpm TORQUE: 122 Nm @ 11,000 rpm FUEL TANK CAPACITY: 18L KERB WEIGHT: 199kg SEAT HEIGHT: 851mm WHEELBASE: 1439mm V4-MP Phone App This advanced Multimedia Platform allows the rider to connect to the motorcycle through the smartphone. The App (available for Android and iOS) transforms the smartphone into an onboard multifunctional computer acting as a link between the bike and the Internet. The V4-MP system aids in “corner-by-corner” electronic management using the phone’s GPS feature. It recognizes the position of the bike and automatically changes the electronic adjustments (traction control and anti-wheelie) based on the settings the rider has selected, corner by corner. Also it features an Adaptive Race Assistant compares rider performance to the best lap on the track in real time and assisting the rider in real time to gradually improve performance. The V4-MP system also transforms the smartphone into and Advanced Telemetry Dashboard displaying information such as instant power sent to the driveshaft; instant torque sent to the driveshaft; percentage of available power; drive to the rear wheel; rear wheel slippage; longitudinal and lateral acceleration, lean angle etc. You can even monitor your battery life, services and load track maps for lap times and more. Now that’s one really long list of features, adding massive value to the already amazing Aprilia brand. 2ND OPINION: ROB SAYS: I have been waiting for this moment for a very long time. I have had all my journo mates overseas telling me just how amazing the new Aprilia RSV4 1100 Factory is and the fact that I hadn’t yet ridden it was a true shame. Like the kid at school not sporting the latest Nike shoes, I felt ashamed and embarrassed, but that’s all in the past now because I have managed to swing my leg over the latest Aprilia superbike creation and am once again part of the cool kid clan. Aprilia has always produced seductive superbike machines and I have always had a soft spot for the RSV4. The biggest problem with the previous gen was the lack of power. It did everything else, it just lacked that extra bit of oomph compared to its rivals. This would be my first time testing the new spec bikes and Aprilia certainly have added some more oomph. Much better in the power department, but where the real gem lies is how it’s delivered. Whilst riding, you would never think you had over 210hp on tap. It’s so easy to use the power - it’s smooth and predictable, making it a breeze to enjoy. Nothing better than riding a powerful superbike that does not feel intimidating. The new RSV4 1100 Factory and RSV4 RR are powerful superbike machines that can be enjoyed by most. You are guaranteed a smooth and very seductive ride from every aspect of these machines. The key to going fast around a track has always been about riding smoothly, calmly and effortlessly, and the new Aprilia RSV4 RR and RSV4 1100 Factory make you feel just that. As Don said, these are machines that 80% of riders can enjoy and get the best out of, compared to some other bikes on the market, like the Ducati V4, which is amazing but does need a bit of talent and experience to really enjoy. Apart from the ultra smooth V4 powerplant, the electronics package is sublime, but the real highlight of these machines come from the braking and even more so the handling department. Pull the lever, get it stopped and point it where you want it and it goes with the flow, it’s that simple! Kyalami’s stunning layout played out perfectly and was a match made in heaven to the RSV4 machines. They thrived around the fast-flowing circuit and carved up every turn, bump, and braking marker hitting every apex without huff or fuss. It was pure thrill and enjoyment from the moment I turned the key! I loved the new bigger dash and the extra tech you can get with the MP App (see more on left) just adds even more value to these extraordinary machines. It’s great seeing the Aprilia brand back in SA and the team behind it is passionate so I’m sure it will thrive! 54 RIDEFAST MAGAZINE JANUARY 2020 RIDEFAST MAGAZINE JANUARY 2020 55