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RideFast Jan 2020

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Aprilia RSV4 1100

Aprilia RSV4 1100 Factory Let’s point out that the Aprilia RSV4 1100 Factory shares around 99% of its DNA with the RR. For the privilege of that extra 1%, you will be charged an extra R80,000. That puts the price up to a not insignificant R370,000. It all seems rather excessive for that measly 1% difference, but if you were to change your own DNA by just 1%, you’d be a monkey. That little bit extra is important. The Factory was receiving a good deal attention in the Kyalami pits, although there was some trepidation. People were keeping a cautious distance. And no wonder. The Factory sat, restrained by its paddock stand as the tyre warmers served to do nothing more than make it angrier. It was coal black with its now illustrious carbon-fibre MotoGP wings jabbing out of its sides like a Terminator robot that’s slightly damaged and is now incandescently pissed off about it. The coal black gives it the look of a terrestrial SR71 Blackbird, the famous American spy plane that still holds the record as the fastest aircraft ever, so much so that none have ever been shot down as the pitiful missiles of the opposition were massively outclassed and couldn’t keep up. There are sharp lines and fins and spikes, like a new Dinosaur in a Jurassic World movie, thought up by Spielberg during a particularly ravishing BDSM session with his sadistic Japanese love dominatrix. It’s evil personified, like a motorcycle should be. A deranged, genetically-designed Factorysaurus. Climb aboard, switch the ignition on and and you receive the usual dramatic display from the colour TFT dash followed by a screen that can best be described as intricate. Luckily, the IMI staff were on hand because time was too short to undergo the course to learn how to use it. Obviously, we wanted Race Mode, little traction control, wheelie control and ABS, and that’s what we received. Hit the starter and…oh…more dinosaur; the deep growl that Spielberg uses when he’s hellbent on making the audience truly sh*t themselves. With the trepidation set on the level of a Jurassic World protagonist stepping inadvisably into the dark to see what that noise was, we clicked into first and set off down pitlane. Of course, the first lap is for taming the beast – very literally – and then take the plunge during the second lap and start gassing it. Naturally, this is going to lead to certain death, but this is the life of a committed journalist and giving your life for the cause is a sacrifice worth making. “It’s evil personified, like a motorcycle should be. A deranged, genetically-designed Factorysaurus.” 50 RIDEFAST MAGAZINE JANUARY 2020 RIDEFAST MAGAZINE JANUARY 2020 51