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Kawasaki “Until this

Kawasaki “Until this day, no such motorcycle has proffered anything close to the H2R.” H2R Still the maddest, most brutal homicidal maniac to ever ravage the motoring world. Three years ago, Donovan rode an H2R around Phakisa for The Bike Show. To date, it has 3.2 million views on YouTube, and he is still frequently questioned about it both in South Africa and when he goes overseas. There have been some impressive feats in sportbike progress in the three years since then, but nothing yet comes close in terms of pure madness, pure terror and pure adrenaline junkie thrills. And isn’t that what motorcycling is all about? Words: Donovan Fourie | Pics: Meghan McCabe When the track-only H2R was first unveiled at the Intermot Show in 2014, there were many questions swarming through the ethereal social media plane. One such question fielded on my Facebook wall was from an outspoken gentleman from the racing fraternity: “How is anyone going to put 326hp on the ground? What is anyone going to do with 326hp?” My answer was simple, concise and straightforward: “Open the throttle.” It’s true that as a track machine, the H2R is lacking – it will not do the lap times of even the 2014 litre superbikes, and will be wholly outpaced around a track by the subsequent models especially the likes of the Ducati V4R and the Aprilia RSV4 Factory. However, this is presuming that the rider’s goal is to set lap times. Sometimes, the rider wants to scream in delightful terror. Until this day, no such motorcycle has proffered anything close to the H2R. The usual procedure for shooting a road test for The Bike Show happens like this – firstly, I will research the bike and ride it, and from this, a script will magically appear in my head. From the script, we can work out the location and what shots we need. Sometimes, I cannot ride the bike before the shoot, 38 RIDEFAST MAGAZINE FEBRUARY 2020 RIDEFAST MAGAZINE FEBRUARY 2020 3 9