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RideFast Feb 2020

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ED’S NOTES: TALKING MOTOGP K&N Style Filters Available sizes 28, 35, 39, 42, 48, 52, 54 and 60mm R125.00 8000Ma Jump Starter & Power Bank R1299.00 ANOTHER MOTOGP RIDER JOINS THE TEAM. DESCRIPTION PART NO. SRP Inc. Vat SMART CHARGER 1 AMP DFC150 R599.00 SMART BRAD CHARGER 3.5 AMP DFC530 R899.00 SMART CHARGER 4 AMP PSA004 R999.00 SMART CHARGER 8 AMP PSA008 R1349.00 SMART BINDER. CHARGER 4 AMP PSD004 R1199.00 SMART CHARGER 8 AMP PSD008 R1499.00 License Disc Holders R168.00 Bar Ends R100.00 Bike and ATV Covers Available sizes S - XL From R270.00 WELCOME R110.00 R465.00 Tubeless Puncture Kits RPHA-11 CRUTCHLOW REPLICA RPHA-11 IANNONE REPLICA Hand Guards Various Colours available R9995ABS Plastic R470.00 RRP incl Alloy R990.00 R9995 RRP incl Scooter V Belts From R110.00 Tyre Levers From R95.00 RPHA-11 SCONA 18L / min Ring Globes H7 150% Power R330.00 H4 150% Power R290.00 Rim Locks Front and Rear From R48.00 Jerry Cans From R450.00 R7995 RRP incl Fork Boots from R120.00 PBA DEALER LISTING PBA DEALER LISTING RAC610 Inflator R449.00 RTG5 Gauge R249.00 EMGO Top Box R990.00 PART NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 50081406/L CARB CLEANER 400ML 50.00 50201414/L TERMINAL PROTECT RED 50.00 50201415/L TERMINAL PROTECT BLUE 50.00 50320400/L BRK,CLTCH,CHAIN CLEANER 44.00 50500192/L CHAIN LUBE 150ML 34.00 50500193/L CHAIN LUBE 400ML 69.00 50510403/L CHAIN WAX 400ML 71.00 50510404/L CHAIN WAX 150ML 34.00 51528262/L PETROL INJECTOR CLEANER 10.00 53203200/L AIR FILTER SPRAY 55.00 53203500/L AIR FILTER OIL 500ML 55.00 53204005/L BIO FILTER CLEANER 5l 325.00 53204400/L BIO FILTER CLEANER 400ML 47.00 53780300/L SPARK 300ML 44.00 55000314/L TYRE FIX 200ML 45.00 56000001/L FORK OIL SYN 5W 125.00 56000002/L FORK OIL SYN 10W 125.00 56000003/L FORK OIL SYN 2.5W 135.00 56000400/L MOUSSE LUBRICANT 100.00 It’s happening again – time is flying by faster than ever and we are already into February 2020. Crazy I know, but this at least means we are getting closer and closer to the start of the new racing season. Although time does feel, and is flying by, at the same time it does feel like an eternity from the last MotoGP race at Valencia in November to the season opener in Qatar on the 8th of March. Months and months of having no more excuses but to do the garden on a Sunday or go to a family lunch – don’t worry people, soon… soon life will truly make sense once again! Now, I normally get all kinds of silly and excited for the first race of the new MotoGP season, but this time my excitement has reached overload as for the first time I will be watching the season opener LIVE from trackside. Yes, I will be present at the opening round of the new season under the lights at the Losail International Circuit in Qatar. Myself, and my good mate James Dent, will be going over to experience this for the first time, but our main reason for going was to show as much support as we possibly could for our man Brad Binder. This will be his first race in the MotoGP class and we will be there right by his side to give him as much support as he needs no matter what. It’s going to be another bucket list moment for sure and I am super excited and will make sure I get as much great behind-the-scenes content as I possibly can not only from Brad but also Darryn Binder and others. I will also try and get as much signed merchandise from as many riders as possible as the auction we did at the end of last year really went off well and I get asked every day for more signed stuff so let me see what I can do. Make sure you keep a look out on the RideFast Facebook page and my personal page for all the content and signed goodies. I type this a few days before the first Sepang MotoGP test of the year kicks off and like you all I am foaming at the mouth waiting for it to all start. This is always exciting as the teams and riders roll out their new liveries, helmets designs etc. I love watching the press pass on the MotoGP site and seeing those bikes roll out of the garages - gets me all kinds of excited! The Sepang and other tests leading up to the season opener aren’t always to accurate and we can only take some key points from them as riders and teams delve into as much as they possibly can when it comes to setup etc. Some riders are more worried about posting fast lap times while others, like Marquez, rather focus on overall race setup and time over race distance, which is something I think the rest need to start doing more of as well. I think the work that Marquez and his team get done during the tests is what helps set him up for the season and puts him in prime spot to tackle any and all conditions. The others need to learn that Marquez does not win races at the start, he wins them towards the end when others fade away and he is able to maintain or get stronger and that has been a massive key point to his and Honda’s success over the years. The other riders and teams need to take these tests more seriously and look at themselves and their machines and where they can improve if they are going to challenge the dominant Ant Man. One thing that will give them some hope is the fact that Marquez seems to be struggling more than ever with his shoulder injury, which he went under the knife at the end of last year to try and fix and has since come out saying “it’s more complicated than we expected”. But then again, this is Marquez we are talking about, so I think this could all be mind games ahead of the season giving false hope to all those in the paddock. Or not, and he could really be suffering with that injury and we could for the first time ever see a more cautious Marc Marquez, if such a thing exists. Only time will tell but let’s hope that the others step up their game and give him and Honda more of a run for their money this time around as last year was a bit of a joke in many ways as no rider should really be dominating as much as Marquez is at the minute. It seems as if most hopes of stopping Marc Marquez are being pinned on Fabio Quartararo after his very impressive rookie season in MotoGP. I agree that the kid is a superstar and have no doubt that he will take the challenge to Marc at many a race, my only question is can he do it over a season? This is something the young French star has failed to do in his Moto3 and Moto2 career. We all know what a star he is, but to this day what has he actually won? Yes, plenty of pole positions, podiums and races, but a serious title challenge has alluded him. In fact, a title challenge of any kind has not been forth-coming so far so that’s something he will have to fix himself if he is to be a serious contender to the Marc thrown. Another name is that of Alex Rins. The Suzuki rider took the challenge to Marc and the rest on more than one occasion last year and is now considered one of the elite in the class. But just like Fabio he is unable to put up a consistent fight and seems to fall asleep at certain parts of the season, which ultimately costs him a proper shot at the title. Yes, he has the speed and the Suzuki is a package that is improving every season but still he is unable to string it all together. Now, here is my argument once again with both these men. Both men have one big factor in common - both have not won a world title over the years in Moto3 and Moto2. Both have won plenty of races and podiums, and in the case of Rins have come close to that number 1 plate but never got their hands on it, and this for me is their biggest limitation. History shows that champions carry on being champions – once they have that taste they want it more and more – it becomes an addiction. If you don’t have that taste there cannot be an addition, right? Just look at the rider’s that are always at the sharp end come the end of the season and you’ll see what I mean - Marquez has won titles in GP125, Moto2 and MotoGP. Rossi in GP125, GP250, GP500 and MotoGP. Vinales is a Moto2 champ, Dovi is a GP125 champ – so they all have the taste and know what it takes to win titles. It’s all well and good talking about it as many do, like Quartararo and Rins, but pulling it off is a whole new ball game and they need to get in the game if they want to make it happen. Now, this is what makes our Brad such a talent and a wanted man in the paddock. He has that taste, that addiction to win and take a number 1 plate. Yes, it’s most likely not going to happen whilst on the orange machine but teams around can see that he has got what it takes, as he has proven it before! It’s going to be a long, hard season no doubt for Brad but he is in the big league’s now and he is going to make the best of it no matter what and I for one am supper excited and proud to see him in action and like all will be supporting him to the very end no matter what! The 2020 MotoGP season is going to be another cracker there is no doubt about it with so many questions once again up in the air, the biggest still being whether or not Rossi can finally get title number 10. Sadly, and I’m going to upset a lot of people here I’m sure, but I just can’t see it happening. The man is a miracle there is no doubt about that but age does catch up with us all and it has an effect I don’t care what anyone says. In the sport of MotoGP there is no ways a 40 plus year old can compete with a 20plus in a high speed game of chess - it’s risk it all to get the reward and youngsters are always willing to risk more than elder statesman. But then again, we can all believe and live with that glimmer of hope and can never say never these days. It would be something though wouldn’t it, if the Doctor could make it happen... Until next month I hope you all have a happy and healthy time and please stay safe out there! It’s time to sit back, relax and enjoy another great issue of SA’s premium sportsbike magazine... with some Harley’s and other non-sportsbike related things this time around... Cheers, Rob Portman. 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