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PADDOCK NEWS Brought to you by Mousses: Standard 0.8bar; Medium; Soft 0.4bar from R1,745.00 GREAT DEALS ON ACCESSORIES FOR YOUR WHEELS. Bike Tyre Warehouse not only stock the best tyre ranges at the best prices, but also a vast array of accessories to equip you for anything tyre-related... “I WANT TO BE ROOKIE OF THE YEAR” REVEALS ÁLEX MÁRQUEZ With the Moto2 World Championship secured and adding to his Moto3 World Championship title from 2014, Alex Marquez moves to the Repsol Honda Team in MotoGP for the 2020 season. Racing alongside eight-time world champion and older brother Marc Marquez, the rookie outlines his ambitions for the year and what it feels like to step inside the garage of MotoGP’s most iconic team. This is the first time wearing the Repsol Honda colours, what does it mean to you? Well it’s a dream come true, it’s an incredible honour to have these colours on and to have this shirt on. I’m really happy with this opportunity to go to MotoGP with the Repsol Honda Team. I’m really proud – it’s a new situation for me, I’m used to seeing Marc in these colours but not me! It’s special. What does it mean to you to be a rookie in a historic team like the Repsol Honda Team? Well I think for every rookie it’s a dream, or the target, to be in a factory team. After winning the Moto2 championship your target or your wish is to be a factory rider, so this has come true for me. To be in the Repsol Honda Team, a team with the most history in the MotoGP paddock is an honour. I know it’s a challenge, but it’s a nice challenge. From the first moment I said I wanted this opportunity, 100 percent and now I try to enjoy it. What is your goal for the season? I can say that I want to be the Rookie of the Year – that’s the first goal. But to put a goal about positions or something like this, right now I am focused on understanding the bike and aiming to have more feeling to build my confidence. Before the Qatar race, I will be able to see a little better what our real position is and what we can do from the first race. What was it like being in the Repsol Honda garage for the first time, knowing you’re a factory rider? It’s really special. In the stomach you have butterflies when you put on your leathers, you walk in and you see your team and you know it’s your team. Both bikes sitting there, it’s like continuous special feelings during the first test. Now in Malaysia I think everything will be more under control, less nerves and more relaxed but the team already helped me to relax a lot in Jerez. You will be one of the tallest riders in MotoGP – do you think it can help you? Being tall can have some advantages such as maybe moving the body and how you can use your weight. Maybe in the wet it’s a bit easier but maybe there are disadvantages and some things can be a little bit worse. But you know, you need to live with this and be strong where you can and lose as little time as possible where you are weaker. You will be a rookie but being a Repsol and an HRC rider isn’t new for you, you’re back after your past in the Spanish championship and Moto3. Did you ever imagine coming back to Repsol and HRC? When you start, you imagine things like this can happen in your best dreams but it’s difficult. There are many hours of training, many races, many things that can happen in a rider’s career. I started already in the Spanish championship with Repsol where we won in 2012 and it was really special. Then in 2014 we started a new project with the Honda Moto3 and HRC, the factory was behind me and it was incredible that year to win in the first year of the project. After all these years to come back to Honda is a dream, I’m looking forward to working with these amazing people, this factory and of course Repsol. It’s the first time in history that two brothers will share a garage in MotoGP. It’s a special moment, a special year but we need to be natural and approach it like a normal situation. We know we are brothers but inside the team we need to be professional, we are different riders. We each have our own teams, so we need to work in our own way. For sure for me it’s an advantage to have a six-time MotoGP world champion in my garage because I can see a lot of data from him and see how I need to ride this Honda machine, to help find the secrets. So, I will try to take all the information from him and all the Honda riders to try and learn as much as possible. 90 Degree Aluminum Colour Valves R75.00 Tube/Tubeless Tyre Repair Kits R299.00 12V 4.8bar Air Pumps R299.00 • 16G Co2 Cartridge R15.00 • 25G Co2 Cartridge R25.00 Digital Gauge with Lithium Battery R99.00 2m Steel Foldable Ramp R699.00 INNER TYRE ACCESSORIES: • Standard Tubes from R120.00, Heavy Duty From R220.00 • Ultra Heavy Duty Tubes R300.00 • Tubliss System from R1,699.00 • Tubliss Bladders R280.00 TYRE VALVES & ACCESSORIES: • 90 Degree Valve Extensions R50.00 • 45 Degree Steel Valve (Adventure bike) R50.00 • Straight Steel Valves R50.00 • Valve Cores R1.00 • CT-Steel Valve Caps R2.00 • Snap in Tubeless Rubber Valves R10.00 • Snap In Chrome Valves R15.00 • Standard Black Caps R0.05 REPAIR & INFLATION ACCESSORIES: • String Type Inserts Box 30 R60.00 • Co2 90 Degree Release Valve R99.00 • Lead Wire Mushroom Plugs from R30.00 • Vulcanizing Cement R5.00/ Tube • Pistol Handle Insert Tool R20.00 • Pistol Handle Reamer R20.00 • 12 Inch Straight Levers R80.00 • 16 Inch Straight Lever R100.00 • 380mm Curved Lever R170.00 • Wheel Weights (Various Sizes & Colours), Boxes from R320.00 WORKSHOP ACCESSORIES: • Hex Tool R120.00 • 6 Way Spoke Wrench R60.00 • Paddock Stands from R599.00 • Deluxe Wheel Balancer R1,499.00 • Black Magic Tyre Paint 1 Ltr R40.00 • All Purpose Valve Stem Tool R5.00 • Rim Locks R120.00 • Chain Breaker R1,135.00 QUOTES: 073 777 9269 / 083 467 1349 • ADMIN: 011 205 0216 UNIT 9 SABLE PARK, 997 RICHARDS DRIVE, MIDRAND, JHB VISIT BIKE TYRE WAREHOUSE IN MIDRAND FOR ALL YOUR TYRE-RELATED NEEDS: • Bikes, ATVs & Side-x-Side • Best prices, widest range • Over 3000 tyres in stock • SA’s largest ‘bike’ tyre retailer • Shipping countrywide • Secure credit card payment • Fitment & Balancing • Chains & Sprockets • Brake Pads • Wheels • Wheel Lacing • Tubes & Mousse Fitment • Puncture Repair On/Off Road • Tyre Equipment & Accessories. 12 RIDEFAST MAGAZINE FEBRUARY 2020