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N E W B M W F 9 0 0 R A

N E W B M W F 9 0 0 R A N D F 9 0 0 X R BMW’S NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK! N E W Y A M A H A T R A C E R 7 0 0 EVERYDAY HUSTLER Designed to combine sports performance with the versatility of a tourer, the Yamaha Tracer 700 has undergone an overhaul from the outset to share more styling cues with the Yamaha MT range. Not One But Two New BMW Twins Unveiled If you thought BMW had an F in the works, you weren’t wrong. There wasn’t one twin coming, but two. BMW had three models to unveil, two of which are underlined by a brand-new engine. One is the update of a model the global market is already familiar with and the other two the all-new 2020 BMW F 900 R and the F 900 XR. The new generation of the Tracer contains a Euro 5 version of Yamaha’s long-hailed 689cc, parallel-twin CP2 engine. In order to meet the new European emissions standards, the Japanese manufacturer optimizes the air intake, ignition settings, fuel injection, and exhaust system. Though the company revises the engine for 2020, the CP2 retains the uneven firing sequence and linear torque band emblematic of the cross-plane engine. By keeping the 270-degree crank and improving the fueling systems, Team Blue creates a standards-compliant engine that still sounds amazing. One of the first things people will notice about the 2020 Tracer 700 is the new design and the aggressive headlight cowl resembling the YZF-R1 family. Yamaha carries over what they call the “slant-eye” LED from the company’s sportbikes and equips the new Tracer with a half fairing. The combination of additional wind protection and refined styling distinguishes the latest generation Tracer from its predecessors while equipping the sport-tourer for the long haul. The 2020 Tracer is one of the lightest bikes in the sport-touring class with a curb weight of 196 kilos. With a wheelbase extension to 57 inches, Yamaha’s middleweight adventurer enjoys new roadholding attributes that allow owners to crush even more miles. To help in the areas of comfort and control, the new Tracer comes with preload and damping adjustable 41mm front forks and rear monoshock. Team Blue prepares the model to go the distance with wider handlebars, improved handguards, contoured seat, and a windscreen with 60mm of adjustability. The 4.5-gallon tank also keeps the rig on the road for long-intervals without dragging it down with additional weight. To put the bow on the new package, Yamaha provides a new negative LCD instrument panel and integrates the LED urn signals into the handguards. The streamlined design suits the city perfectly but doesn’t encumber the out of town getaways. Perfect for urban commuters and weekend warriors, the new Tracer will be available at dealers around mid 2020, hopefully, and is offered in Icon Grey, Sonic Grey, and Phantom Blue liveries. We expected an F 850, BMW surprised us with a 900. The new F 900 XR joins the new S 1000 XR in the adventuresport-touring segment. It borrows visual cues and the riding style of the S 1000 XR’s, adapted to a smaller, more accessible format. The XR is equipped with an adjustable windshield and its fairing has been designed with weather protection in mind. The addition of this new model gives BMW an additional edge in the mid-range segment. The model isn’t as adventure-oriented as the F 850 GS. Instead, if pushes the gauge further on the sport-touring end of the spectrum while still offering adventurelike qualities and features such as handguards, 6.68 and 6.77 inches of suspension travel front and back respectively, and a 15 litre gas tank. In comparison, the F 900 R, the evolution of the F 800 R, falls in the roadster family with a naked silhouette and a road-oriented setup. The two new models use the same, equally new 893cc, inline-twin mill rated at 105 horsepower and 92Nm of torque, cradled by a steel bridge frame and topped with a plastic gas tank meant to help keep the weight low. The new frame uses the engine as a stressed member for added rigidity. The Twins also receives a pretty comprehensive menu of techs and systems that includes keyless ignition, two standard Rain and Road riding modes, ABS, and for the European market, the intelligent emergency call system. Optional features are also available for further enhance the models’ convenience and on-road performance including two additional Pro riding modes, electronic suspension adjustment, ABS Pro, and adaptive cornering light. Pricing and availability of the new 2020 BMW F 900 R and F 900 XR will be announced at a later time. 66 RIDEFAST MAGAZINE DECEMBER 2019 RIDEFAST MAGAZINE DECEMBER 2019 67