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RideFast Dec 2019

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N E W K T M 1 2 9 0 S U

N E W K T M 1 2 9 0 S U P E R D U K E R MORE BEAUTY FOR THE BEAST They call it The Beast, and for good reason, because the KTM 1290 Super Duke is a v-twin monster for the street, and now for the 2020 model year, it is getting even more beastly as it just debuted at EICMA. The 1290 Super Duke R was a game changer in the supernaked segment, utilising brute power to blow everything else away and came to be known as “The Beast.” Some came close for 5 years since its launch in 2014, but it still ruled the roost as the King of Supernakeds. It’s because the 1290 Super Duke R’s 1301cc, 75-degree V-Twin made 177 bhp and it’s torque was the highest at 140 Nm at 7,000 rpm. But as beastly as it is, that power is held in check by some really smart electronics and chassis combination. KTM was the first manufacturer to utilise the inertial measurement unit in the 1190 Adventure, and the component is in The Beast, as well. As such, there’s all the cornering traction control, cornering ABS, cornering lights, and so forth. But KTMs have one extra “supermoto” ride mode which allows the rider to power slide the rear wheel. For 2020 KTM knew that changes had to be made. They have new rivals emerging in the form of Ducati’s new Streetfighter V4, MV’s hyper naked’s and Kawasaki’s supercharged Z H2. These new bikes all boast ridiculous power figures of 200hp and up, while in the case of the Ducati still showoff slim weight figures. So, has KTM matched those power figures? Have they managed to shed some weight off the “Beast”? These were the big changes that needed to be made in order to keep it at the top of the food chain. “KTM’s original 1290 Super Duke R was dubbed The Beast when it was released in 2014. After it’s last comprehensive update in 2017 it became known as Beast 2.0 but for 2020 KTM are unleashing an essentially all-new Beast thanks to a new chassis and electronics harnessing a heavily revised version of the charismatic LC8 V-Twin.” 54 RIDEFAST MAGAZINE DECEMBER 2019