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TYRE TECH TALK by Bruce de Kock, owner of Bike Tyre Warehouse Midrand ALL THE PREMIUM BRANDS THAT COUNT UNDER ONE ROOF Holiday season already… I wish our bikes went as fast as time does! Anyway, it’s December and hopefully you’re all planning a lot of saddle time over the period. Remember, it doesn’t matter whether you’re going on a long tour or just a quick weekend getaway, you must make sure your tyres have enough tread for both legs of the journey - especially as it’s the rainy season and nobody wants to aquaplane on the tar. It’s just not worth the risk of dropping your bike or injuring yourself and ending up in hospital on New Year’s Eve, or worse. With these factors in mind, I’ve decided to give you info on the latest offerings from Pirelli - namely the Pirelli Angel GT II, as this tyre is available for sport tourers, supers and adventures. Also, the Pirelli Rosso Corsa 2, which is great for anyone wanting rubber for knee-down holiday action! I got quite intimate with the Rossa Corsa 2 last year while running full technical support at the international launch at Kyalami. Pirelli’s R25 million budget meant that the top international test pilots and motorsport journos were present to talk to. That, combined with 10 days at the track with access to the V4s, MVs and 1000RRs etc, and I can safely say I know a little about the handling of this tyre… The Pirelli Angel GT II is an upgrade on the ever-popular Angel GT and the successor to the Angel ST, making this tyre the 3rd generation of the famous Gran Turismo sports touring Angel range – which, in Pirelli’s words, has thousands of hours of testing on road and track to reach a new level for sports touring tyres. The Angel GT II boasts a new tread pattern, construction, EMS (Extended Mileage Sport) technology and new compounds for increased grip, confidence and mileage – all of which makes it an aggressive, attractive tyre! The new tread pattern provides improved water evacuation for confident handling when the weather turns. It was inspired by the trusted Pirelli Diablo Wet tyres, which were produced for intermediate wet weather track racing and feature the now shared twin radial grooves. Warm-up is fast and the tyres offer an excess of front and rear grip. They steer with the accuracy of a sports tyre and really shine in mixed BIKETYRE WAREHOUSE MIDRAND’S UNBEATABLE ‘ANGEL GT II’ Combo Tyre Deals: • 120/70R-17 & 160/60R-17, R4060.00 • 120/70R-17 & 180/55R, R4170.00 • 120/70R-17 & 190/50R-17, R4300.00 • 120/70R-17 & 190/55R-17, R4370.00 • 120/70R-17 & 180/55R-17, R4350.00 • 120/70R-17 & 190/50R-17, R4465.00 • 120/70R-17 & & 170/60-17, R4000.00 conditions, allowing confidence all the time. What I find interesting – and this only applies to bikes with ABS and traction control – is Pirelli’s new tech which is designed to manage a stuttering tyre on the edge of grip. While the Angel II has not been given the exposure here that it has enjoyed in Europe, we’ve sold a surprisingly high number in the short time that it’s been available. So if you’re looking at new sport touring rubber for your holiday trip, this is definitely a tyre to consider. As I mentioned earlier, the Pirelli Diablo Rosso Corsa II launched here last year in our own backyard at Kyalami. This tyre transfers racetrack performance into street versatility and was definitely developed for fast riding (and more than the odd track day!). The Rosso Corsa II replaces the eight-year-old Rosso Corsa and sits nicely between Pirelli’s Rosso III sports tyre and the track-day focused Diablo Super Corsa SP. Highlights of the Diablo Rosso Corsa II include: • Pirelli technology developed within the World Superbike Championship • Bi-compound solution for the front tyre — applying the two compounds in three different zones • Triple compound on the rear distributed in five zones, which is a first for Pirelli • New tread pattern design The Rosso Corsa II particularly impresses on the road with the improvements in agility, which is thanks to the new front and rear profiles developed from WSBK racing. These aim to increase the contact patch on the side when cornering gets aggressive, while simultaneously featuring a narrower crown for easy steering, just like a race tyre. The massive amounts of rear grip stems from the new triple compound construction. At full lean you’re on the slick part of the tyre, which is constructed from the same sticky SC3 racing compound you’ll find in Pirelli’s endurance and track-day slicks. The mid-section is constructed with a blend of compounds allowing confidence and grip even in wet conditions. The hard compound middle is there to increase mileage. The dual compound front is soft on the edges, harder in the middle and a new tread pattern has just 2% more grooves than a Super Corsa. They also feature slick derived wear indicator dots, so you know when it’s time for a new one. In Pirelli’s own tests at Mugello they achieved lap times 2–3 seconds faster than the original Rosso Corsa, generating leaner angle and faster corner speeds. Away from the track, the new tyres have a sporty, but plush ride and definitely warm up quickly as experienced not only by the test pilots, but also by local journos Donovan Fourie and Rob Portman who have all written their own spreads on this tyre. Anyway guys and girls, that’s my contribution for the year as far as writing goes. I wish you all a fantastic holiday season; please be safe on the roads and remember DON’T DRINK & RIDE! If you do enjoy a couple, as we all do over the festive period, rather get a lift. We have great deals on these tyres for December, so pop in anytime to BTW Midrand A very simple break down of the tyre’s construction. for the #bestadvice #bestservice #bestprice. Even if you don’t buy, I’m happy to have my team inspect your tyres pre-journey, with no obligation. Let’s just make sure you are road legal & safe. Take care & enjoy the open road. Bruce de Kock Bike Tyre Warehouse Midrand BIKETYRE WAREHOUSE MIDRAND’S UNBEATABLE ‘DIABLO ROSSO CORSA II’ Combo Deals Tyre Deals: • 120/70R-17 & 160/60-17, R4290.00 • 120/70R-17 & 180/55-17, R4415.00 • 120/70R-17 & 190/50-17, R4525.00 • 120/70R-17 & 190/55-17, R4630.00 • 120/70R-17 & 200/55-17, R4685.00 Tel: 011 205 0216 • Cell: 073 777 9269 / 083 467 1349 Unit 9 Sable Park, 997 Richards Drive, Midrand Facebook @BikeTyreWarehouse • Twitter @biketyrewhse