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RideFast Aug2020

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||| PRODUCTS FEATURE ||| PRODUCTS FEATURE TRICKBITZ HAS A FEW CLEARANCE ITEMS FOR SUPERBIKES: Visit to check out all the really cool and handy bits and bobs they supply for most bikes on the market or give them a call on 011 672 6599. In the meantime, here are a few great items we thought were quite handy: IRC Tyre Warmers at never to be repeated prices. With this winter being a particularly cold one it is difficult to get your tyres up to track Riding temperatures, especially early in the morning and this is where a decent tyre warmer comes into play. Generally a pricey item for the average man in the street to buy, however Trickbitz has a few IRC tyre warmers left in small, medium, large and extra large sizes and are selling at never to be repeated prices.... R2600 gets you these top-of the line items, perfect for track use. Spend more time riding and less time worrying about tyre temperatures and the impact on your wallet … GPT Speedo’s and gear indicators to clear: GPT digital gear indicators are compact lightweight module which gives a bright display of the gear you are currently in. The system works on any vehicles with electronic rpm and speedometer or with analog tachometer dashboard and can be fitted easily in a convenient position. We looked at 2 models, the SP2001 Universal with speed sensor and the SP2001 GPS Universal with GPS module which are both universal fitment speedometers for a very diverse and wide application on anything from all types of motorcycles and ATV’s, cars, boats and even in industry on cranes, fork lifts and basically anything that has a power source. Some of the devices use a speed sensor with Hall effect that means you don’t need a magnet on the wheel to count, or they use the GPS antenna at 10 Hz and are very easy and simply to use and fit requiring only a power supply. From a basic speedometer to multifunctional unit to suit any application. They are also designed to be waterproof for use on all Motorcycles, Cars and boats. The SP2001 and SP2001GPS Speedo’s are a universal in their application for speed and can be set to either Kmh or Mph with total trip distance and trip master. They also have a re-settable digital ‘watch speed’ alert as well as a maintenance/service reminder alert. It has a white back light and comes in 12 volt and 24 volts options and available with speed sensor Hall effector GPS antenna at 10Hz. The unit is reasonably compact at the following dimensions 102mm wide x 57mm high x 18mm deep with a very nominal weight of only 90 grams and is really easy to mount using 12 or 24 volts DC using a 3 wire connection requiring a permanent live, a switched live and a negative/ground wire. Then, last but not least. Are you tired of battling to find the correct sprockets and chain combinations? Trickbitz also stocks the Chiarvalli range of sprocket and chain sets. The kit includes the correct standard front and rear gearing as well as a high quality chain that is sized to exactly the correct length which means there is no need to cut the chain making the kit very convenient and easy to use. Available at dealers. Check out for plenty more speedo’s, gear position indicators, chain and sprocket options, tail guards, screens and son much more. Or follow them on Facebook @trickbitzz or on Instagram at Trickbitz_cc KTM RADICAL SCOOTER This super cool little scoot is a official KTM product and is now available from RAD KTM for only R2322. It features Height adjustable handlebar, Foldable aluminium handlebar, Nonslip tread with Griptape, Foot brake and side stand and can be loaded up to approximately 100 kg. Oh yes, and it fold up nicely. 34 RIDEFAST MAGAZINE AUGUST 2020 RIDEFAST MAGAZINE AUGUST 2020 3 5