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TYRE TECH TALK by Bruce de Kock, owner of Bike Tyre Warehouse Midrand ALL THE PREMIUM BRANDS THAT COUNT UNDER ONE ROOF I wrote a couple of months back about the new Dunlop Trail Max Mission 50/50 adventure tyres and while busy I made a mental note to do a scribble on their road range as there has not been much written on their road range which is not small by any means we are just restricted to what the distributor brings into SA from the full range of offerings. Again, I have not personally ridden or tested any of the four that I am going to include in the spread I have chosen to kick off with their basic road product the Sportmax GPR300 to the high end Q4 hyper sport tyre. The GPR300 is described as a radial tyre that offers well balanced sport performance for a variety of sport bikes featuring an optimized construction to enhance handling and responsiveness for street going sport commuter riding. The advanced belt design and (JLB) jointless band construction utilizes a continuously would belt for smooth performance and a consistent tyre contact patch, the aggressive sport derived tread pattern for enhanced on - bike appearance. A product ideal for your everyday commute. GPR300 Sportmax Moving onto their Sport Touring Sportmax Roadsmart 111 an offering Dunlop says offers sport touring riders ultra-high mileage with sport bike level grip. Outstanding wet weather performance and great overall handling add to this tyre’s versatility. Dunlop’s exclusive MT (Multi Tread) design binds a high – mileage compound to the centre and high-adhesion compound to the lateral flanks for cornering grip. The new side wall construction helps provide superior shock absorption and precise handling, the new compounds include an innovative resin that increases wet weather grip, so maybe a tyre to look at when you are next fitting rubber to your sport tourer. Sportmax Roadsmart 111 Now onto the high-speed knee down rubber that starts to get me excited namely the Sportmax Q3+ a tyre Dunlop reckons is the ultimate in hyper sport tyre performance for serious sport and track day riders. Obviously written before the launch of the Q4 but we will get into that tyre just now. Dunlop really pushes the tyre life point on this tyre as with all hyper sport tyres mileage is not one of the attributes for obvious reasons. The Q3+ was designed and is produced in the Buffalo plant in the USA using the same high-tech production equipment as Dunlop’s racing tyres. The Carbon fibre technology (CFT) employed in the Q3+ uses carbon fibre reinforcement in the tyre side walls for exceptional cornering performance and feel. The Q3+ rear tyre uses a silica-infused, long wearing compound in the centre Tel: 011 205 0216 • Cell: 073 777 9269 / 083 467 1349 Unit 9 Sable Park, 997 Richards Drive, Midrand Facebook @BikeTyreWarehouse • Twitter @biketyrewhse