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RideFast Aug2020

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All the NEWS proudly

All the NEWS proudly brought to you by HJC HELMETS ORANGE COUNTY KTM/HUSQVARNA BLOEMFONTEIN At 51 Nelson Mandela dive, CBD, Bloemfontein. And if that sounds like it might be really close to Salleys Yamaha, Kawasaki and SYM, well that is because it is right next door, in the same building just about. Strange you might think … again. Well not when you realise that it is owned by the very same Mr Alec Salley from next door in partnership with his nephew Dave. Alec is most of the money and the business acumen behind the dealership and Dave is the passion driven force behind the two brands. Walking into Orange County KTM, there is no mistaking you are in an ‘true orange blooded’ KTM dealership with the full KTM family identity in place and hoards of orange bikes everywhere, lota of KTM Powerwear and accessories and perfectly situated close to the riding Nirvana that is the mountain kingdom of Lesotho. As per the KTM norm, there is a big glass window so you can see into the pristine laboratory that is the workshop and service centre. The staff are all passionate about the brand, incredibly knowledgeable, efficient and very friendly. Take a few steps across to the other side of the showroom floor and a world of pristine white, yellow and blue awaits you. Salley’s Husqvarna carries all the models in the Husqvarna range with a good selection of clothing and accessories and all the service parts you could ever need. Maybe not as big and a s brash the orange brand, but that is not Husqvarna’s style, but well stocked and supported nevertheless. So, if you’re on your way to a great riding weekend and need stock up on a few bits and bobs you might have forgotten or are just looking for a really good deal, give Orange County KTM/Salley’s Husqvarna a call on 051 447 2658 or pop in at 51 Nelson Mandela drive, CBD, Bloemfontien. HONDA WING CENTRAL So, Nelson Mandela Drive, Bloemfontein does seem to be the address to have if you are a motorcycle dealership in the Central Free State. After a fantastic day visiting all the really nice people that keep the wheels of the motorcycle industry turning in the heart of South Africa out final stop before jumping back onto the N1 north and aiming for the distant smog that is Gauteng we stopped in at 132 Nelson Mandela Drive in the CBD of Bloemfontein and the home of Honda Wing Central. Now! I must say this, the little corner shop frontage belies the wonder that hides behind the glass doors. Fatigued from being on the road since 5am and still a little astounded from last stop, I really wasn’t really expecting too much when I pulled up in front of the ‘little’ Honda shop on the corner. Most Honda Wing dealerships are attached to their car dealerships, and seemingly under duress by the way some of them are stocked and shoved into a corner with little to no accessories, soul or personality in a lot of instances which is really quite sad for such an iconic brand and the passionate team that is the driving force behind Honda Wing SA. Smiley, happy people ... are waiting to help you at Honda Wing Central, from left to right is Marinus the manager, Johan and Moses 22 RIDEFAST MAGAZINE AUGUST 2020 RIDEFAST MAGAZINE AUGUST 2020 23