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RideFast Aug2020

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All the NEWS proudly

All the NEWS proudly brought to you by HJC HELMETS BMW MOTORRAD SOUTH AFRICA’S NEW BOSS IS INTRODUCED AND REVEALS A NEW BIKE Recently, at the local media launch of the new BMW R900R & XR as well as the all new S1000XR we were introduced to the new General Manager of BMW South Africa, Penny Sterley. Unfortunately we did not get to chat to her t a lot, but will rectify that pretty soon, all we can tell you is that Penny brings with her a wealth of experience Penny Sterley is the new General Manager at BMW Motorad South Africa and knowledge from the motor industry that will stand her in very good stead in her new position. We wish her all success and look forward to her doing great things with Motorrad South Africa. Her first official bit of business was the unveiling of a completely new bike in BMW’s range, the R18 Cruiser styled bike. A beautiful retro looking BMW with designs and colour schemes harking back to the 1940’s and 50’s with a lot of very nice details and a bunch of new innovations all wrapped up in the usual BMW technology and quality. Sadly, we weren’t allowed to ride it so we can’t say too much more about it other than we are looking forward to getting our butts into the saddle soon. Recently we got a little bit of the lock down cabin fever and decided to sneak out of Gauteng and go call on dealers in Bloemfontien and see how we could help put there businesses back on the map and quite frankly we were really surprised to find a thriving motorcycle industry in the Our first stop was at BMW Motorrad Bloemfontein, still branded Sovereign Motorrad for now and in the process of falling in line with BMW’s new corporate identity. Headed up by the very capable Stefan Muller and his team of Deon, Hano and Janice they have absolutely every new model available from the Bavarian brand on their showroom floor along with all the BMW kit, accessories and a state of the art workshop. And, for all you travelers that need a bit of assistance or just want to pop in for a lekker cup of hot coffee on your journey, they are about 1 km just off the N1 at Nelson Mandela road. The dealership is relatively newly built with all the modern amenities one has come to expect from the BMW brand and well stocked with most WHAT’S HAPPENING IN BLOEMFONTEIN? BMW MOTORRAD BLOEMFONTEIN “Platteland”. Firstly, it must be said that the central Free State is a really beautiful part of our country and really worth a visit or at least a day or two stopover on your mad rush to the Cape for your holidays, you will be pleasantly surprised. We often do a one night stop over in the little hamlet everything you could need. The team is is passionate, very friendly and incredibly knowledgeable and they make a mean cappuccino. Pop in at 8 CP Hoogenhout street, Langenhoven Park, Bloemfontien for a lekker visit and a chat with the guys or for your new Beemer. You can also give them a call on 051 400 0000. They are quite happy to do you a deal over the phone and deliver countrywide … for a small fee obviously. You could even e-mail them detailed photo’s of your trade in for a preliminary assessment at sovereign@bmwdealer. or just surf the net to Also check out their advert in our magazines to see their great selection of high quality pre-owned machines for sale. of Gariep heading down to and coming back from the Cape and it is possibly the part of the trip that we look forward to the most and have always promised to make the Central free State an actual holiday destination, rather than just something to be endured on our trip to the Cape. The friendly team at Motorrad Bloemfontien from left to right is Deon, Hano, Janice and manager Stephen 18 RIDEFAST MAGAZINE AUGUST 2020 RIDEFAST MAGAZINE AUGUST 2020 19