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RideFast Aug2020

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ED’S NOTES: ROB PORTMAN Diverse and S innovative filters – S S S S S S S S also for motorcycles. The largest filter range for maximum workshop performance. Our filters protect not only the engines, but also the people in the vehicle. With our comprehensive filter range in uncompromising quality and with maximum market coverage, we ensure that the right product is available for every requirement to keep dirt, abrasion and the finest particles away from the powertrain and the occupants. With MAHLE, your workshop delivers 100% performance, today and tomorrow. It’s taken me a while to get started with this editor’s note, for it will be my last as editor of RideFast magazine and very emotional for me to try and put into words the experience I have had over the past 10-years. What an incredible journey it has been, memories and experiences I will cherish forever. I have met some amazing people of this journey, people who have become so much more than just reader’s as friends of myself and RideFast. I can honestly say that I gave 110% every time I put a magazine together, and always worked extra hard behind the scenes to make sure you the reader, and the advertisers got their money’s worth when not only paging through the magazine but also interacting with the Facebook page and anything else to do with RideFast. I thrived on the challenge to produce the best magazine in the land each-and-every month, and in my eyes, we did that more often than not. I’ve managed to build up resources and contacts that helped me through this journey and helped me always bring you the latest and greatest articles, tests and features – that’s what makes RideFast a step above the rest in my book. In 2019, I started MCSA magazine, and in 2013 I was not happy with that name, so RideFast was born, and since then we have been at the forefront of everything that makes the world of sport bikes unique and so fascinating. Sadly, a few years back when the mag was in trouble I did not have the finances to take it over, and this is where Glenn Foley stepped in and saved RideFast. Glenn deserves a huge amount of praise for taking that step and that risk, and also for helping me grow the brand to what it is today. I wish him and the rest of the team all the success going forward and thank them for everything they have done for me. I can honestly say I gave them my everything and leave them with a brand I poured my heart and soul into. The time has come for me to move on and do my own thing, and keep trying to grow not only as a business man, but more importantly as a person. My journey does not end here, and I must thank each and every one of you, as well as all the advertisers who not only believed in RideFast, but also in me. Just know that I will forever be grateful of the opportunities you helped create for me, and that adventure in the wonderful world of motorcycles will always be ingrained in my heart! Cheers, Rob Portman (No, I’m not crying… ok, maybe a little) Apology to Bike SA magazine. A few weeks ago I made some unfortunate comments replying to a reader’s question on the RideFast Facebook page. The comments made were absolutely unverified, personal opinions. They were out of line - and should never have gone up. I realized the mistake a few minutes later, and removed the post. I did send out a public apology on the RF page as well as sending this to George Portman and Diana Richardson from Bike SA: “I hereby retract the statements made by myself and promise that this will never happen again as there is no need for it. I am disgraced and embarrassed by my stupid, unprofessional and childish action” Distributed by Autocycle Centre PUBLISHER: Glenn Foley ADVERTISING: Sean Hendley bestbikemagazines 071 684 4546 OFFICE & SUBSCRIPTIONS: Anette anette.acc@ 011 979 5035 Copyright © RideFast Magazine: All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, articles, or other methods, without the prior written permission of the publisher. RIDEFAST MAGAZINE AUGUST 2020 1