1 year ago


SP: Sign The Papers.

SP: Sign The Papers. Yamaha had fitted a fully adjustable Ohlins shock absorber and they uprated the KYB front forks with full adjustment. In the right hands, it makes a big difference in the way the SP rides compared to the previous MT-09, almost as if this is the bike Yamaha always intended to build. Firm and a bit more race oriented, without being harsh. The MT-09 SP also features a cruise control system. What we cannot understand is why you’d fit cruise control to a bike like this? Chances are excellent that you are not going to do too much touring... but it is a cool feature. In terms of styling, the SP model features a double-stitched seat, a brushed and clear-coated swing arm, and a YZF-R1M-inspired paint scheme – it really is a thing of beauty. The 2021 Yamaha MT-09 has a brand-new aluminum chassis, new aluminum wheels, and overall weighs almost 4 KG’s less than the 2020 model. It also has a slightly shorter wheelbase which makes it turn a bit better - and more ground clearance. Its engine, proven testament to reliable three-cylinder power has been enlarged from 847cc to 890cc. Its internal components have also been upgraded, as has its fuel-injection system, intake, and exhaust. As a result, it now makes 117 hp and 69 lb-ft, with a stronger slipper-assist clutch and an upgraded quick-shifter. If there is a bike that you can have serious fun on – then this is it! We loved the previous MT09. But this one is even better! Climbing aboard, it just feels right. Yamaha seem to have spent time on the ergonomics for the rider. It just fits and it a really easy bike to like. The naked bike’s adjustable foot pegs and handlebar clamps are a new feature.