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All the NEWS proudly

All the NEWS proudly brought to you by HJC HELMETS All the NEWS proudly brought to you by HJC HELMETS Tork Craft’s new glove range. Budget gloves for the work shop, and offroad riding. Tork Craft now has a comprehensive range that covers all these markets at very affordable prices what’s more and they look pretty cool. The guys from Tork Craft are avid Motocrossers and they have been instrumental in developing the kit. The Blue Air Mesh and the Spandex Red gloves are ideal and on a par with anything out there. Testers were very impressed, with the range. The palms are reinforced and padded and the closures are on the bottom side which makes a lot of sense. One cool thing on the red ones is the terry cloth on the back of the thumb which is handy to give your goggles a quick wipe on the fly, or even to wipe away sweat when you stop for a break. CAPE TOWN Sho! Sho! Sho! Cape Town is super busy with more and more motorcycle stores opening, seemingly almost on a daily basis. Our lady in the Cape, Lorna, has been run off her feet trying to keep up with everybody. If she has not made it to you yet and you would like a mention in our magazines please give her a call or drop her a mail and she will definitely drop in for a chat. Also ask her about some of our great advertising rates and social media exposure rates. Here are some of the great bike shops she has visited on the Peninsula You can contact here on email They have been designed by multiple SA Motocross legend, Ryan Hunt, who certainly knows about good gloves after his 30 years of racing and his recent comeback after a 10 year layoff, to attempt to win 3 SA National titles over 3 decades. They fit very comfortably, are very reasonably priced and offer an impressive value for money package. Tork Craft also offer “Work” and “All Purpose” gloves which are great for anything from working in the garden, the workshop to working on your motorcycle, these are made more robustly and offer great protection and a good grip on tools. As you may be aware Tork Craft is a leading brand of accessories in the Vermont Sales operation and are available at all leading specialist stores countrywide for more information talk to your retail outlet or - Trade enquiries welcome CBR 1000RR-R SP What you see here is the best of the best, the most exclusive, feature-rich open-class sportsbike that Honda has ever built under the CBR banner. Introducing the CBR1000RR-R Fireblade SP. Street legal, but track ready. The bikes offer a degree of performance and refinement you’ve likely never experienced - unless you’ve had a factory ride.Available to only a handful of lucky riders. And it still offers Honda’s famous CBR refinement, build quality and rideability.Get ready to find out why world champions like Marc Marquez ride red, and why you should too. NOW AVAILABLE