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Or that is the way I

Or that is the way I felt riding it anyway. The big Suz isn’t all show and no go, yank on the throttle and this big MoFo snaps off the line with alarming alacrity that catches you almost unawares as you claw to keep a grip on the bars. The 1800cc’s of Japanese Twin tech just explodes into life and accelerates at eye watering pace. Fortunately it is a long and heavy beast so, even though the forks stretch out a bit the front wheel stays firmly planted on terra firma while it warps the landscape into a blur. Several Tupperware torpedo’s were properly rattled not being able to keep up with the massive Boulevard between traffic lights, where the 109 takes off straight and true because of its mass and length, they all end up pointing their front wheels at the Angels. Long sweeping bends are the Boulevards natural habitat, admittedly the really tight stuff does get it a bit out of shape and grinds it foot pegs into the tarmac with an impressive display of sparks and howling steel. But get it up straight, tuck in like a Hidden Dragon, Crouching Tiger behind the bar give it big horns and suddenly you are aboard a manually guided cruise missile and passing the 200kmh mark with stupid ease, I eventually saw 225kmh flying past the other bikes on the ride with us very much to the bewilderment of the other riders. This is INSANE! It is after all – a Cruiser? Right? There was not even a twitch or anything to suggest that the Boulie might not be meant to be ridden this hard, just the pure exhilaration roaring along at mad speeds astride an-other worldly creation. Man I just love Hot Rod motorbikes, they really to appeal to the most primal part of my soul and make me feel like the king of the world. For a big bike the handling is that good. Slowing this monstrosity down to civilised speeds and sitting back and admiring our beautiful countryside doesn’t make it any more conservative or turn it into a fading wall flower. The big 1786cc motor still grumbles loudly through the throaty pipes this particular unit was fitted with, but it does become a bit calmer. More of a hard rock ballad than thrash metal, relaxing in the big comfy seat and just feeling the essence of this bike throb through you. The sitting position has a bit of a lean forward bias that just makes you want to crank on the gas but is more than comfortable enough the wile away the hours in the saddle crossing your favourite desert. I do think I would like to ride this bike through the Karoo and then down the length of the West Coast with a little detour along Clarens drive before turning back into the Karoo and aiming back towards Gauteng. As far as electronic gadgets are concerned there are none! And even though I am a fan of little luxuries like power shifters and cruise control I think they would actually detract from the pure riding experience on this bike. Maybe I might sing a different song if I ever get to ride one through the Karoo and along the West Coast but for now I really do like the fact that there are no gadgets on it, just you and your steel horse riding into the sunset. Hmmm … I wonder if the bank manager is in a generous mood. Glenn says … Big. (Like MASSIVE). Strong. Brash and loud. Over the last couple of years, we have ridden and tested quite a few Chopper offerings on the market and if there is a cruiser that has a presence on the road, it’s this Boulevard. I love the fact that it is a thoroughly modern motorcycle designed for real riders. It is comfortable, smooth and powerful right off the bat. On a few of the bikes we’ve ridden, it feels as though the manufacturers deliberately make their cruisers uncomfortable so that you are forced to spend money to make them rideable. Or maybe they have tiny people wholly unsuited to the SA market as testers. And as far as I can remember, it hasn’t always been like that. A cruiser, in my opinion should be made for comfortable hours in the saddle. And this one fits the bill perfectly. We accept the fact that cruisers are not for everyone – but on any Sunday just have a look around you, they are out in force at all the breakfast run venues and we understand why. They have been made for the cool factor – and they make sense for riders who no longer want to crouch over the tank of a GSXR and blitz through the twisties. It’s a case of chilled (or in this case, not so chilled) cruising to enjoy the routes on offer in absolute comfort. This bike is so well appointed – and unlike some of the “Nakeds” that we have used. This one arrived with one of the best designed screens on the planet that makes it easy to travel at warp speeds without getting blown out of the saddle – or stealing from the overall lines of the motorcycle. GET YOUR KIDS ONTO THE REAL “PLAYSTATION!” Perhaps I’m not quite mature enough to rush out and buy a cruiser just yet… but I have to confess that this bike was one hell of a lot of fun to ride. This one was loaned to us by Suzuki East in Boksburg (Thanks Guys). SUZUKI Boulevard M109 Engine Four Stroke 54 0 V Twin Capacity 1786cc Max Power 92kw @ 6200 rpm Max Torque 160Nm @ 3200 rpm Transmission 5 Speed Manual Final Drive Shaft Seat Hight 705mm Wet Weight 347kg Fuel Capacity 19 Litres WHERE IT ALL BEGINS! MOTOGP REPLICA POCKET BIKES! CALL FOR PRICING & AVAILABILITY! We are Official Importers, Retailers and Wholesalers of 50cc 2 Stroke Air-Cooled Petrol Driven Mini Pocketbikes, Mini Bikes, Pocket Rockets, Mini Quad Bikes (ATV), Mini Scramblers (Dirt Bikes), Performance Parts and Spares for the past 10 years and through our Dedication, Experience and Consistency WE have managed to relatively keep our prices constant and competative throughout the years. 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