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DT May 2018

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A STROM FOR EVERYONE SUZUKI’S BABY STROM You’ll have seen our feature on the big ‘Stroms a couple of issues ago – for this issue it’s time to take a peek at the baby of the pack, the 250. We parked our 800 at Suzuki’s head office and climbed aboard, wended our way out of the parking lot, out of the office park, narrowly avoided a traffic cop (Fool) who was pulling cars over on the blind corner in the Marlboro Drive. Good test for the brakes…. Thankfully they work. We peeled off onto the manic traffic on the freeway for the 60 klick ride to the Far East…. Ergonomics: For a small bike, this bike is very comfortable. In typical Suzuki Fashion, well laid out – even for a big rider. We like the fact that you don’t need to be an ostrich to get your feet onto the floor. Zipping through the traffic is a pleasure – it’s only a liquid cooled 250, but it has pretty long legs and great gear ratios. The bike was parked for a day while we got busy – and then it was breakfast run time on the weekend. Sitting around at the office we got to chatting. We are being bombarded by small cc bikes at the moment. Who is the industry targeting? Entry level riders maybe? Ladies? Definitely. To this end we roped in our Friend Michelle Leppan who races 600cc road 56 DIRT & TRAIL MAGAZINE MAY 2018