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DT May 2018

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TECH TEST INJECTED VS CARBURETTED 2-STROKES So – You’ve heard all the hype surrounding KTM and Husky’s fuel injected range of 2-strokes. The KTM is called the “TPI”, The Husky is called the “I”. Many as in LOTS of you have bought them. We’ve been along to the launch, discussed in detail, run technical features and all sorts. We were also invited out to Mamarock by the good folks at Trax KTM to compare the carbureted against the TPI. Here’s our opinion. And maybe a bit more background. For years, fuel injection on two stroke motorcycles has been like the Holy Grail. There have been rumours, spy pics and all sorts – and you’ll all remember when Letti and Lars arrived at The Roof on those KTM’s. Transfer Port Injection is KTM and Husky’s answer to tackling perceived emission control issues with a more efficient fuel delivery system. It all makes good sense – no more jetting, no more mixing fuel, closer to the convenience of a four-stroke than ever before. More than 300 injected bikes have been sold in South Africa between the two brands. As usual with any new bike/model, we heard stories about failures, having to replace top ends and all sorts. We were quite surprised at this knowing how much testing etc this brands R&D department goes into. When we asked Riaan from Trax KTM, he told us to look further, he reckons that they have sold lots of the new models without any comebacks or problems. We looked further and approached Stephan from the KTM group. He is the man who handles all warranty claims and is the boffin when it comes to all the technical stuff you need to know. He rubbished the claims. According to Stefan, only 2 bikes have had issues – one was an oil pump that somehow got dirt into it – and the other was a bike that the customer had inadvertently used the incorrect two stroke oil. Two bikes out of more than 300 sold locally. 50 DIRT & TRAIL MAGAZINE MAY 2018