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DT May 2018

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EDITOR: ROLEY FOLEY “Where’s your scooter Vicar” I said, (because it was the fi rst time I had seen him walking in 10 years!). “Don’t know, I think it might have been stolen, but I will get it back on Sunday” he replied. “At my next sermon I will go through the ten commandments. When I get to ‘thou shalt not steal’ God will sort it out, I’ve got faith” The following week, sure enough he was riding the bike again. So I asked him if the ten commandments thing had worked as planned: “I got as far as thou shall not commit adultery…….then I suddenly remembered where I left the bike..” Ride safely out there guys! See you on the trails. CONTENTS: MAY 2018 THE TEAM: EDITOR: Glenn Foley DESIGN: Rob Portman ADVERTISING: Sinead Foley Kyle Lawrenson ACCOUNTS & SUBSCRIPTIONS: Anette Office no (011) 979-5035 (011) 979-0053 CONTRIBUTORS: Kurt Beine Richard Sutherland Zygmund Brodalka Byron Rudman Sean Hendley Tristan Foley Mike Wessels Dries vd Walt 12: COVER STORY: METZELER KAROO STREET 30: FEATURE: MOTUL OUT OF AFRICA TEAM 38: FEATURE: DOUGIE LAMPKIN 42: CLASSIC BIKE: 1982 MAICO 490 TO SUBSCRIBE CALL 011 979 5035 OR EMAIL Digital or hard copy. 50: TECH TEST: TPI VS CARB 56: FIRST RIDE: SUZUKI V-STROM 250 2 DIRT & TRAIL MAGAZINE MAY 2018

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