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DT May 2018

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Ian Topliss Age: 41 Home

Ian Topliss Age: 41 Home Town : Boksburg Bike : YZF450 YAMAHA Sponsors: Out of Africa/Yamaha/motul Ian Topliss started racing motorcycles at the tender age of six, and since then has been racing motocross for 32 years. Ian has won Seven South African National Championships and has also competed overseas several times. Let’s discover how Ian balances life, work, racing, marriage and children. D&T: How did you get into riding dirt bikes ? IT: Many moons ago when I was 6 my parents bought me a Yamaha Pw50 to play on and my dad found out that their was racing. 35 years later I’m still at it and loving it. D&T: What’s the hardest thing about motocross ? IT: MX is a very demanding sport so fitness is key to a winning career. Juggling family, work and play is not always easy as a lot of time is spent training & racing. Crashing & injurys suck but all part of the sport. D&T: Why do you race motocross, and what is it that drives you to go so far in the sport ? IT: The adrenaline rush you get from racing is awesome, your heart goes from zero to hero at the drop of the gate. At the moment driving me is to win ten SA titles, hopefully this year will be my 9th but competition is tough and you never know what happens. D&T: What other sports do you enjoy doing ? IT: I enjoy mountain biking & running, it all helps toward my fitness for MX. D&T: What do you do to chill out ? IT: A couple fresh draughts & steak, egg & chips is all I need. 36 DIRT & TRAIL MAGAZINE MAY 2018

Behind the scenes: Swinging spanners for this lot is the very experienced Bryan Schwim Bryan has 20 years of experience in the workshop, starting out at Nicks Cyles as an appy. He has subsequently started his own workshop, Tarstone racing. He happened to help out at one of the MX meetings and the team asked him to join them. He does not race – but tries to keep up with his Mrs on his WR450. DT: What’s it like prepping bikes for these guys? BS: Awesome. Love spending time at the tracks and to be quite frank, the riders and I work together to keep the bikes in tune with the rider. Most riders I’ve worked with are like rockstars, these guys wash their bikes and actually climb in to help when things get hectic. As a result, the riders understand what has been done and it makes life a lot easier all around. The team is well funded – parts and so on need to be readily available – so we seem to have it waxed. Typical race day: Early start usually around 4am… (gulp) hectic rush to get set-up and sorted, Bacon rolls on the go – (Thanks ladies and race moms), final checks, refuel, tyre pressures Brolly dollies and the racing starts… After first race – clean, wash, feedback from riders, adjustments, refuel, airfilters, chain adjustment – next heat. Three times every race day. The bosses, the dads, the siblings all climb in to help. It’s like a family affair. D&T: Ever had a major mishap? BS: When Neville was out, we had a Bad connection on the wiring harness, man that was pressure 20 minutes of hunting and troubleshooting. Things like this usually end up being something small, but man they can create pandemonium. Other than that – bar the odd puncture, the bikes are kept fresh to eliminate this kind of thing. DT: Your favourite saying in life: BS: Just be lekker Okes! DIRT & TRAIL MAGAZINE MAY 2018 37