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DT May 2018

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TP: I would like to see

TP: I would like to see our tracks at an overseas level (USA or European) at least over 2 min lap tracks, as we ride much shorter tracks here. Would be nice - it would be more challenging and allow us to get used to overseas tracks quicker. D&T: What would your dream race be? TP: My dream race would be to represent team SA at the MXON not sure what track but that’s my dream D&T: What other sports do you enjoy? TP: I enjoy playing some golf. D&T: What do you do to Chill out? TP: Watch some MX or SX. Tristan Purdon Age: 21 Home Town: Cathcart, recently moved to JHB. Bike: YZ450F & YZ250F Some highlights: 2015 3rd overall MX2. 2016 3rd overall MX2 2016: Competed in the “GP of lommel in Belgium, qualified in the EMX 250 class. 2016: Represented SA at the FIM Africa MX of Nations in Kenya. 2017: MX1 champ. Sponsors: Out Of Africa, Yamaha South Africa, Monster Energy, Mast Holdings, TRP Fly racing, Bridgestone, FMF,Gaerne, 100 %, Twin Air, MOTUL, AMP, Shoei, acerbisu, Stance, Renthal, Fist Handwear . D&T: How did you get into riding dirt bikes? TP: Well my dad rode bikes in his younger years and did some club races nothing to serious. Then he helped my cousin race. And at age 3, I was given my cousins old Honda QR50cc and I’ve never looked back. D&T: What’s the hardest thing about motocross in your opinion? TP: Keeping fit physically and mentally for the entire season, and not been shifted or distracted from my goals. D&T: Why do you race motocross, and what is it that drives you to go so far in the sport? TP: I love riding and racing my dirt bike all over the country. What drives me is to win and win championship. And, of course make all my sponsors proud. What has been your greatest accomplishment to date? Winning my first SA championship in 2011 pro mini class. Where do you see the future of motocross in SA ? If the sport was to get a corporate sponsor , it will grow much faster. We have talented riders here that can achieve overseas. D&T: Any changes that you would like to see made in motocross locally? 34 DIRT & TRAIL MAGAZINE MAY 2018

that the average teenager lives, I miss out on school parties, birthday parties, and have to make many sacrifices to pursue my dream if I want to become the best one day. D&T: What’s the biggest challenge/obstacle faced so far? MW: Injury wise, I have been very lucky. I would say my biggest challenge or obstacle that I had to push through, would be in 2016 when I suffered a big crash and broke my scapular in my left shoulder. This left me struggling for a while to get back up to race pace and pain free. D&T: What would your advice be to someone wanting to get involved in MX? MW: In my opinion the best way to get yourself involved in motocross would be to witness it first hand and really see what it takes to race motocross. I feel like many people don’t actually realize the physical and mental side of the sport and don’t realize how challenging motocross really can be. So, my best advice would be to watch a race first hand, speak to some of the riders and really take the time to learn about what the sport is all about. D&T: Why MX? What made you fall in love with the sport? MW: There is just nothing else like the sport of motocross. It has taught me so much along the years and it keeps me out of trouble too as well and focused on one goal, and that is to be the best. Having competed in many different sports previously I have to say that the adrenaline rush, pride, and joy that motocross brings to my life, is something no other sport can. After everything you have to go through to compete at the highest level in this sport, in my eyes, it is worth all the sacrifices in the end. D&T: Favourite race conditions? MW: I much rather enjoy hard pack tracks. When the track is rough, dirt is hard pack, and the track is rutted, that is when I enjoy the conditions the most and seem to do my best. Then there’s the junior team member, Miguel de Waal Age 16 Nickname: MIGSTA Hometown: JHB Bike: YZ125 D&T: How does having sponsors assist you in achieving your goals? MW: Being blessed with my amazing sponsors I would not be where I am today, they help me in many different ways. They make sure I am equipped with the best possible products out on the market to make sure I can perform the best of my abilities. Without them, racing definitely would not be the same. D&T: What do you do in your time off? MW: During my time off I like to relax a bit but other than that I am super active and like to keep myself busy. I love riding mountain bikes, spending time with friends and if I’m near the beach I even enjoy doing a bit of surfing, although I’m not the greatest. D&T: What has been the highlight of your career to date? MW: Since my career has only really just started, my highlight of my career so far has got to be when I represented my country in 2017 at the MXOAN, (Motocross Of African Nations) and managed to achieve a Second place overall which earned me South African Colors as a junior. D&T: How do you compare MX racing in SA to what you see abroad? MW: I feel like the competition and standard of racing in South Africa is for sure on the rise. I think our riders are capable to compete against the best in the world. I feel as if the sport in our country does not have the same budget as to the racing overseas, meaning we aren’t used to riding the same types of tracks on the same types of bikes as over there. Their tracks and bikes are on another level. D&T: You are still a teenager. Tell us what it’s like to commit to racing professionally at such a young age. MW: As a teenager that races motocross, I can’t live the life DIRT & TRAIL MAGAZINE MAY 2018 3 5