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DT May 2018

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David Goosen Age 27

David Goosen Age 27 Nickname: Goose Years racing: Since he was 6 with 6 years spent racing in the UK. Class: MX1 and MX2 Bike: YZ450F and YZ250F Home town JHB. Current MX2 champ D&T: It was cool shooting with you guys – David, how do you enjoy this sort of thing and getting away from the racing at times? DG : I always enjoy this sort of thing. I get to play ride a bit and forget about being on the clock. Always fun and the best part is doing for good reasons like sponsors and all the people that make it happen for us. Give us some background into your racing career? I started racing at the age of 4 in Zimbabwe. I raced there for many years, and traveled down to South Africa for the National Motocross when I started becoming a bit more competitive. We eventually moved to South Africa and during that stay I won the South African High-School Championship in 2007. Following that I moved over to the UK with my mom, dad and 2 sisters. I spent 6 years racing, working and everyday living in the UK. A few years ago I took an opportunity to return to South Africa for some more racing - I am still here and making the most out of it. D&T: What was it like racing the European scene compared to racing here? DG: It was tough. I loved it, I was terrified of it and I miss it. I could compare it to a soccer player in South Africa, he can be good or even great but when he goes overseas, he is still that same great player, yet he is just one of so many good or great players. The struggle was real and while results were not always where they could have been, I still put away some really good races. It was just always very tough on me and especially the family. D&T: How is your 2018 season going for you so far? DG: it’s going well, we have done two nationals now and 2 regionals. They have been steady, not exactly where I would wish to be but I am improving each race. It’s a long season and I can be sure to be involved at the top by the last national of the year. D&T: After your 2017 season winning MX2 and coming in a close 2nd place in MX1 how do you feel about this year? DG: Well as I said I’m improving every race and I am in a better position in the points now already than this time last year. I will take each race as it comes and let’s see where we end up. D&T: How would you describe MX1 vs MX2? DG: MX1 on the 450 is the premier class, the bikes are fast, heavier and the guys ride them really well, so it’s tough. You most definitely need good fitness for it. The MX2 250 class compared I’d say it’s a balls to wall sprint for 20 minutes trying your hardest to make up any time at all. It’s an even class where we’re all riding balls to wall, but man it’s a fun bike to ride. D&T: This is a Motul shoot for Out of Africa Yamaha. Can you tell us about your involvement? DG: this is now my 3rd season with the team. Guy Henley has always let me use Motul as a private sponsor within the team for myself. I also work for AMP who distributes Motul oil so I am very involved with the brand. This year it’s great to have the whole team running the same lubricant company as Motul. We have a cool relaxed but great team and some good results come out our set up. It’s healthy. D&T: What have been some of your highlight races? DG:My top overseas races would be winning a British supercross round in Birmingham. That was great and so many fans and friends were there. Another one was round 5 of the 2010 British championship, I had a great day qualifying in 9th and went 6-5-9 for 5th overall. That was great for me. I had a few wins in the school boy racing in the UK as well, they were always cool and good fun. In Harrismith last year my dad came out to watch me race and have a holiday from the UK, I ended up winning both classes and I’ll remember that forever. D&T: We had a fun day out shooting you guys and we wish you all the best with you season ahead. DG: Thanks to you guys for making the effort and I’m looking forward to reading up and seeing the pics. A big thank you to all involved. Obviously you guys. Mercia, Jacky, Nic and Adrian from the Motul side. Guy Henley for putting this whole programme together. 32 DIRT & TRAIL MAGAZINE MAY 2018

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