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DT May 2018

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GRIPPING ADVENTURE THE METZELER VOLCANO EXPEDITION This is the very first time that this here publication has cracked a nod to attend an international tyre launch – and initially, it resulted in quite a lot of head scratching. How do you write a whole feature about a set of tyres? Well this trip made it pretty easy because Metzeler let us loose on the mountains in Sicily aboard some of the most delectable adventure bikes known to man… all to launch the new Metzeler Karoo Street. Where we went: Sicily, that island at the boot of Italy. Don’t be fooled it’s a pretty large place – not just sommer some little island, in fact, it’s huge – 27000 square kilometres. We jetted in to Catania early morning and were shuttled off to our hotel – a castle dating from the year Tut. On the way we caught glimpses of the majestic Mount Etna – Europes most active Volcano. Etna covers an area of 1,190 km2 with a basal circumference of 140 km. Anyway just a bit of useless info for you. Sicily is busy-busy with all sorts of industry imaginable and almost every square centimeter of land under some form of cultivation. The day we landed was an off day so we took the opportunity to take a walk around town – no taxi – a paltry 30 euro one way (Gulp). In town we noticed a sign for a castle (Calatabiano) and followed that. The main gates were shut and it all looked very closed, so – up the side of the mountain we walked. About halfway up, we all came to understand why we ride motorcycles – there is much to be said for the internal combustion engine. Calatabiano Castle was founded by the Arabs, who moved from Calatabiano to conquer Taormina in 902. Yup – 902 that’s older than your great great, great granddad. There are still wild places in Sicily and to explore trails that were first made so many years ago is pretty cool. Beautiful place well worth the (long) walk for sure. Back to Tyres: That evening, we were introduced to the team from Metzeler. When we wandered down for dinner there was a fantastic DIRT & TRAIL MAGAZINE MAY 2018 13