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DT May 2018

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Zero Motorcycles release

Zero Motorcycles release electric adventure tourer Zero was imported a few years ago, but we’ve not heard anything locally from this brand for ages… American electric motorcycle manufacturer Zero has just released an electric bike that it claims is targeted at ‘the growing number of riders seeking to tour on an electric bike.’ But is there any validity in this claim? According to Zero, the DSR Black Forest, which comes with luggage as standard, has a range of 260 km’s at city speeds or 125Km’s when on the open highway. And if you fit the rather pricey optional range-extending battery to it, this is extended by around 25% to 328km in a city and 155km highway use. While this may seem rather a short distance for a touring bike, the Black Forest does re-charge impressively fast with Zero claiming the battery replenishes at up to 150km of range for every hour the bike is plugged in – making touring on this electric bike more possible. But this figure is if the optional extra Charge Tank is fitted, which allows it to hook up to level two charging points…. Which are not really freely available in the Karoo. “The Zero Motorcycles DSR ZF14.4 Black Forest Edition is the first model we’ve ever developed to meet the specific demands of Europe’s adventure and touring riders,” said Zero Motorcycles European Managing Director Umberto Uccelli. “Our customers have been asking for a model like this for years. Riding a Zero is the most connected way to move through nature. The Zero Motorcycles DSR Black Forest extends this to new, longer, and more fun adventures. We invite you to experience your world for the first time with seamless, silent and pure dual sport propulsion.” While its range may put some off, there is no denying the Black Zero’s performance with its electric motor producing a huge of torque and it does look pretty rugged… Oxfords Dryphone Pro: New from Oxford Products are these waterproof smart phone holders. They feature a protective hard-case design with shock absorbing silicone inner layer to keep your phone safe and comfortable. They are touch-screen and finger print scanner compatible. The universalmount bracket system allows for fitting to handlebars with diameter 22.2 to 31.8mm, and is angle adjustable. The handle bar is protected from scratching by plastic inserts. The holder is attached to the bracket by a tree-point locking system and can be removed leaving the bracket on the bike. Currently these holders are available for: Samsung S6/S6 Edge and iPhone 5/5SE; 6/7; 6+/7+ models. For more info or where you can buy this product, contact DMD on 011 792 7691 or visit www.dmd. RRP R665 at dealers. Dunlops new Gummy rear tyre Designed for all the rock hoppers out there, Dunlop tyres have just released the new 80/81EX gummy. We have not tried it just yet, but Colton Haaker won super enduro on this rubber… so that says a lot. The tyre is being used by quite a few of the local racing fraternity… Available in 110/100-18 rear size, the AT81 EX is made for a wide variety of extreme conditions—not just EnduroCross—and was developed with the help of Cody Webb and Destry Abbott. The tyres are making their way into dealerships as we speak. Dealer enquiries HRP (011) 708-5905 10 DIRT & TRAIL MAGAZINE MAY 2018

40 SLIMMER INNER HINGE FOR SUPERIOR BIKE FEEL ADJUSTABLE METAL GEARED OUTER HINGE FOR PRECISE MOVEMENT AND DURABILITY INJECTED CARBON COMPOSITE FRAME GET YOUR THRILLON X-FRAME KNEE BRACE LEATT.COM The rider’s knee is constantly at the battlefront. Intensive biomedical design at the Leatt Lab ® has produced a brace that absorbs and deflects the knocks. Certified medical device and top-rated impact protection, this is where science and performance mesh. The result? Pure Thrill!