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Dirt and Trail ONLINE DEC 2020

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Festive Season Tyre

Festive Season Tyre Combo Specials! ALL THE PREMIUM BRANDS THAT COUNT UNDER ONE ROOF Great Giveaways with these Combos... DUNLOP ADVENTURE RANGE: BUY ANY TRAIL MAX MISSION 50/50 COMBO & GET A FREE FOLDABLE COOLER BAG • 90/90-21 54T & 150/70-17 69T R3,200, SAVE R350 • 90/90-21 54T & 150/70-18 70T R3,200, SAVE R350 • 110/80-19 59T &150/70-17 69T R3,500, SAVE R350 • 120/70-19 60T & 170/60-17 72T R3,700, SAVE R350 A few bullet points; 1. BUY The ANY new BATT Geomax HP SERIES MX12 11 was COMBO designed & to excel in soft-terrain situations, GET A FREE such DIGITAL as sand PRESSURE and mud. GAUGE Dunlop says its goal with this tire was to increase overall performance in a broader range of conditions—for BATT HP Series example II: maintaining the tire’s high level of grip on • muddy 120/70R-17 tracks & 160/60ZR-17, even when R2,700, the mud SAVE begins R1,100 to dry out. 2. • When 120/70R-17 designing & 180/55ZR-17, the MX12, R2,800, Dunlop SAVE replied R1,150 on professional racer • 120/70R-17 input from & 190/50ZR-17, the top AMA R3,000, SX/MX SAVE racers, R1,150 Dunlop’s European MXGP World Championship racing team, and the team at • 120/70R-17 & 190/55ZR-17, R3,300, SAVE R1,200 Dunlop Proving Grounds in Huntsville, Ala. • 120/70R-17 & 200/55ZR-17, R3,500, SAVE R1,200 3. Innovative tread pattern includes new V-Block technology that increases traction, and does a better job clearing the tyre in muddy conditions to maintain maximum performance. 4. Tread pattern includes Dunlop’s exclusive block-within-a- DUNLOP ROAD RANGE: BUY ANY COMBO & GET A FREE DUNLOP COOLER BOX • GPR300 120/70R17 &160/60R17 R2,500, SAVE R350 • GPR300 120/70R17 &180/55R17 R2,600, SAVE R350 • GPR300 120/70R17 &190/50R17 R2,700, SAVE R350 • ROADSMART3 120/70R-17 & 160/60R17 R3,250, SAVE R400 • ROADSMART3 120/70R-17 & 180/55R17 R3,580, SAVE R400 • ROADSMART3 120/70R-17 & 190/50R17 R3,750, SAVE R400 • ROADSMART3 120/70R-17 & 190/55R17 R3,750, SAVE R400 • SPORTMAX Q3+ 120/70R-17 & 180/55R17 R3,780, SAVE R390 • SPORTMAX Q3+ 120/70R-17 & 190/50R17 R3,895, SAVE R390 This should make the EN91 a popular • choice SPORTMAX with dual-sport Q3+ 120/70R-17 & block 190/55R17 Progressive R3,895, SAVE Cornering R390 Block Technology (PCBT) in the riders who insist on tires with DOT certification. • SPORTMAX Q4 120/70R-17 & rear 180/60R17 for enhanced R3,985 SAVE cornering R400 traction and slide control. •There’s a new compound used in the Enduro EN91. According 5. Recessed flex joints between tread blocks improve compli- • SPORTMAX Q4 120/70R-17 & 190/55R17 R4,165, SAVE R400 to a Dunlop spokesman, the compound provides “maximum ance for enhanced traction and ride comfort. • SPORTMAX Q4 120/70R-17 & 200/55R17 R4,280, SAVE R400 grip, as well as longer tread life.” •The Dunlop Geomax Enduro EN19 is available in limited sizes, at least initially. There’s only one front tire choice, a 90/90, and two rear tyres—a 140 and 120. The second one to look out for is the Geomax MX12 Motocross tyre the latest generation and offering out of the Dunlop MX stable where this tyre has dominated the AMA Pro Super & Motocross in the USA since 2010. * Combo Specials and Give-aways available exclusively from Bike Tyre Warehouse branches: Midrand Branch: 073 777 9269 / 083 467 1349 East Rand Branch: 082 878 6091 / 082 878 6089 6. Narrower tyre profiles increase length of contact patch for improved bump absorption, and improved steering in rutted conditions. 7. Designed primarily for 250 and 450 motocross bikes that use 21” front/19” rear sizes, the MX12 will be available in August. For additional information, visit Okay peeps so if you looking to try out some new off road Enduro or MX rubber this festive season, give the Dunlop’s a go. With their proven race results & durability it’s a no brainer and obviously from a price point its worthwhile adding them to your Santa wish list. Take care out there and whether you are out in the sticks or on the road PLEASE no alcohol it’s just not worth it especially those you will leave behind in what is supposed to be a happy time for all of us especially after what we all have been through this year. I take this opportunity to wish you all a Merry & Safe festive season, for all those that supported our industry during the tough times I thank you all on behalf of all of us in biking in SA. Bruce de Kock CEO Bike Tyre Warehouse Group Holdings Pty Ltd #bestadvice #bestservice #bestprice Cape Town Branch: 079 735 2951 / 063 146 0086 Port Elizabeth Branch: 083 267 2685 George Branch: 079 981 0377 GRAPHICWERX ADVERTISING & DESIGN CC