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Dirt and Trail ONLINE DEC 2020

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HELMETS For now, just

HELMETS For now, just remember these points when choosing your next helmet: •The helmets primary purpose is to protect your head •And first and foremost rule is to get the correct “FIT”. •Application: Don’t ride superbike with a scooter helmet •Head shape. Is the helmet comfortable and snug? •Quality and construction. Internal Shell ( Arai Helmet) Full face, high quality helmets are always first prize. However, here you also have to be careful. What is the protection afforded by the by the quality of the construction. Here, more often than not price is a fairly good indication as to the helmets quality Re-read point 1 if need be. Things are generally cheap because they are made from cheaper, lower grade materials, cheaper construction methods and adhere to a lower standard of safety. However this is also quite misleading as some premium brand helmets have approached these cheaper mass producers to manufacture a budget range for them under licence and often you are paying for a premium logo on a cheap helmet. We had an incident in the office a few years ago where a colleague was given a premium branded helmet and was thoroughly impressed with it until somebody showed him 100% exactly, exactly the same helmet with the original ‘budget’ manufacturers log on it for a good 30% to 40% cheaper … absolutely no difference except the sticker on the front. •And finally, wear the helmet properly … The amount of times we have noticed riders riding with loose straps flapping in the breeze or helmet propped on the top of a riders head or simply not worn at all… Any helmet worn properly is safer than that … to reiterate point 1 and expand a bit on that, basically an impact at any speed over the maximum speed a person can sprint at, (generally 15kmh … go on, we dare you to check that speed, some of you chunky munky’s need the exercise), is lethal to a human being. Sometime in the future we will have a bit more of an in depth and detailed look at different manufacturers individual helmet technology, proper helmet care and maintenance, helmet standards and a few other important bits and bobs. Snell Testing ( Arai Helmet) External Shell ( Arai Helmet, Hand made) THIS SIDE UP! KTM 250 EXC TPI SIX DAYS Die mit vielen Extras ausgestattete KTM 250 EXC TPI SIX DAYS wurden gebaut, um selbst die schwierigsten Trails und die entlegensten Pfade zu beherrschen. Im Modelljahr 2021 stellt KTM sein Commitment und den kontinuierlichen Support der International Six Days Enduro unter Beweis und bringt ein Siegerbike auf den Markt, das bereits ab Werk in der Lage ist, die härtesten Prüfungen zu bestehen und die Konkurrenz alt aussehen zu lassen. Phone 011 462 796 for your nearest KTM dealer. Versuche bitte nicht, die abgebildeten Fahrszenen nachzustellen, trage stets Schutzkleidung und halte dich an die geltenden Straßenverkehrsvorschriften! Die abgebildeten Fahrzeuge können in einzelnen Details vom Serienmodell abweichen und zeigen teilweise Sonderausstattung gegen Mehrpreis. Foto: R. Schedl