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Dirt and Trail May 2020

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The worlds most senior

The worlds most senior trials rider? How does he keep them that way? A lifetime of practice. If you work that practice into your routine, just like daily exercise or scheduled mealtimes, you’ll start to see little improvements you can build on. If you’re lucky enough to have both a suitable bike and a clear space like this where you can practice every day with ease, so much the better. It’s important to exercise your hand controls every day. We all know that the more you practice the likelier you are to improve. No matter how good you are now, you can always be a little bit better, right? This is eleven-time British Trials Champion Sammy Miller. He’s 86 years old, and has won over 1,400 trials throughout his career. As you can see in this video, his focus and skill are incredibly sharp. Gas Junky - Strappingly good local stuff Tie downs, Grab handles, Wheel locks, Alarm locks, Key rings… Local IS Lekker! moves the bike or tampers – it SCREAMS at you sending would be crooks scarpering for the closest escape route. Go and have a look, support local industries – local IS lekker!!! Trade enquiries are welcome. As a part of our lockdown schedule, we decided to pop down to a real lockdown emergency and check out the Kempton Park based Gas Junkie operation. Andre Van Niekerk is the friendly guy who runs this lot – and he can basically do anything you want him to with strapping. He is most famous for his range of super strong tie downs, but he also manufactures grab handles for dirtbikes when you get stuck in the mud. Got nerf straps going vrot on your ATV? He makes them up and will have them sorted for you chop-chop. Interestingly, he also manufactures bits like bakkie nets, SXS netting for the doors, dog collars and leashes – all from his premises just down from JHB International Airport. AND he’ll brand it for you no prob, so that your buddy can’t get away with nicking your tie downs… He re-covers dirtbike and quad seats in virtually any design that you’d like AND He is the sole importer for the alarm disc lock – a device that hooks into your motorcycles btake disc – the moment anyone S997 16 DIRT & TRAIL MAGAZINE MAY 2020