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Dirt and Trail MARCH 2021

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How to build a National

How to build a National MX Race Bike We visited KTM Headquarters and interfered while the guys assembled MX1 Champ Tristan Purdons 2021 450SX… The idea behind this feature is twofold: First to show you what goes in to assembling a bike from a crate before it makes its way onto the dealers showroom floor – and secondly to showcase what extra stuff goes in to the SA champs bike for the 2021 season…. Simply put, there is nothing quite as cool as uncrating a brand new bike. We can wax lyrical about it – the promise of days and years of excitement behind the bars and an escape from our every day mundane existence. And, quite frankly - it’s cool. There is nothing better than a fresh, brand new bike. Full stop. Every month, we harass the importers for stuff that we can feature in the magazine. It’s often a challenge to find new, fresh content – and importers are beholden to what they have in stock at the time – and who is on the receiving end of our emails and requests. This month, KTM came up with a great suggestion. They are in the throes of assembling and preparing bikes for the 2021 race season. They smelt a bit of free labour and invited us along to come and assist with the assembly of this machine.