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Dirt and Trail Magazine 2021

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Cool ‘A.F’ genuine

Cool ‘A.F’ genuine leather masks We bumped into Deon Veldsman on our rounds to the dealers where he was showing off his really cool as f… genuine leather masks which can be worn to keep the virus at bay or with your open face helmet to keep the bugs out of your teeth. Deon lost his job due to the pandemic and is keeping food on the table with his hand made and very unique leather masks. He is marketing them under the brand name ‘ROF’ and each one is a unique, custom made, high quality item that can be made to size for the smaller ladies or the bigger “boer seuns” out there. Dealer enquiries are welcome and you can contact him on 071 334 2233. Go on support him and help keep a roof over his families head. They really are as cool as f… Givi GRT721 CANYON BASE UNIVERSAL SADDLE BASE, FOR MODULAR ATTACHMENT OF VARIOUS BAGS So! Not everybody wants or enjoys big hard boxes bolted onto their bikes and a lot of motorcycles do not actually have place to fit these types of luggage. A lot of the smaller, more enduro styled bikes can only take soft luggage, so instead of trying to strap down your ruck sack or tag bag to the rear of the seat or heaven forbid, using a set of leather cruiser styled saddle bags what are your options. Well the guys at DMD are currently importing a very nice soft luggage system from GIVI. It is a universal saddle base, for modular fixing of different bags, particularly suitable for use on enduro and adventure motorcycles. It allows the rider to fix different lateral and upper loads. It is a modular system compatible with the following GIVI products: • Roller bag GRT714B • Cargo bag GRT722 • Dry bag T520. The Canyon-Base allows you to modulate the configuration of the motorcycle luggage to adapt it to your load needs, from short day trips to longer and more demanding trips. The Canyon-Base with a fully loaded GIVI configuration allows a maximum capacity of 60 litres and is made of 1680D / PU coating with high tenacity, side flaps in Hypalon and inserts in TPU, PVC non slip, external materials with high resistance to UV rays. And comes with an array of cool features such as side flaps lined in Hypalon, with straps for securing bags and also hold the load and protect the bags in the event of a fall, central straps for securing an additional upper load, with cam buckle to ensure tension retention, a reflective motif prints for greater visibility, non-slip material on the base, fixing to different motorcycle models, by means of adjustable straps with clamp closure to ensure tightness of tension. We like this idea a lot. For more info or to view more great products and to find your nearest stockist go to Leatt casual wear arrives… The Leatt brand really is a South African success story. They have gone from neck braces to a full MX gear lineup, MX boots, Helmets and all sorts. The latest arrival is the Leatt Range of branded casual wear – and it’s at retailers all over. Forma Terra EVO ADV Boots: After approximately 6 years and literally thousands of kilometres, we have finally convinced Farmer Foley to invest in another set of Adventure boots. “Well my first set of Forma Adventure boots gave such good service that we’ll be doing it again” – and a slightly more advanced, modern pair made an appearance at our offices. Seriously, the original pair deserves a place in The SA Motorcycle hall of fame for longevity. The soles are worn through and they don’t smell so good any more… These ones are The Forma Terra Evo, The Terra EVO is constructed from an oiled fullgrain leather, DRYTEX Waterproof, with anti-bacterial insoles, unbreakable alloy buckles, and an Ideal welt sole with increased rigidity for a higher level of protection while riding technical off-road terrain. The boot incorporates a new FCS ankle support system that acts like a hinged-style boot and adds ankle support as well as CE-level protection. Put this all together and you have a moto-style boot with lots of room in the toe box for comfy all-day performance. At your dealer.