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Dirt and Trail June 2020-2

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ONDA AYS The phone

ONDA AYS The phone rings. It’s the business execs from Honda SA. “Morning Roley! We see that you are out and about with other brands riding bikes and stuff?” “Well – yes we have an essential services permit – and the motorcycle public still need to see what’s happening and…” Click! The phone goes dead. Try to call back – voice mail “Sorry our offices are shut due the the COVID pandemic… please call us again soon.” OK – carry on and we promptly forgot about the call… The following morning, before the chickens were even up, we hear a mighty roar at our gate… Stumble out of bed to give whoever it is a square “Uitkak” – and there sits what seems like the whole corporate office from Honda South Africa! How cool is that? People are getting hung up with the whole lockdown thing – and what better way is there to isolate than in the saddle of a motorcycle? Then there’s another beep at the gate.... Honda and Motul SA’s brand ambassador, Brian Capper got wind that something was up – and HE arrived with two more bikes in tow. MAN – too cool! 2 Africa twins and a whole row of CRF’s. And Brian was grinning 28 DIRT & TRAIL MAGAZINE JUNE 2020 DIRT & TRAIL MAGAZINE JUNE 2020 29