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Dirt and Trail June 2020-2

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Must have EVS gear for

Must have EVS gear for your kids If your kids are anything like ours, you’ll have noticed that lockdown has not stunted any form of growth. Our kids have grown up in EVS gear – it is tough, durable and comfortable and it has saved many hospital bills. They have just unpacked a shipment of new EVS clobber just for the little guys… The Bantam Youth Chest deflector: This Comp Suit is an ultra-lightweight ballistic jersey offering full upper body protection and breathability for all day comfort. • Side zip design allows for full roost protection • Removable sleeves • Hard plastic chest, back, arm & shoulder protection • Full torso & elbow protection • Full articulating spine protection that moves with you • Lightweight ballistic fabric with mesh stretch panels for superior fit • Neck brace compatible The EVS Kids Mini Slam Combo is sold as a set and includes Option Knee and Elbow Pads and the R2 Race Collar. EVS Mini Option Elbow Pads: • Hard molded polypropylene shell. • Perforated bio-foam liner for increased breathability. • Tri-Y forearm strapping system provides greater support and reduces migration. • Extended forearm protection pad. • Asymmetric design provides anatomical fit for left and right arms. • Sold as a pair. • Kids mini model. EVS Mini Option Knee/Shin Pads: • Hard molded polypropylene shell. • Perforated bio-foam liner for increased breathability. • Full knee to shin coverage. • Reinforced TPR hinge system. • Asymmetric design provides anatomical fit for left and right legs. • Sold as a pair. EVS Mini R2 Race Collar: Get them used to a neck brace early on… The EVS R2 Race Collar helps prevent spinal injury in the neck area. Placed between the helmet and shoulder, the R2 Race Collar is designed to minimize the possibility of the cervical spine overstretching in a fall. • Soft-density core is made from a PU foam base for energy dissipation. • Washable outer ballistic nylon shell. • Race collar strap system. • Low profile design. • Easy-to-use soft strap closure on the front. At your bike shop or: Hendersonracingproducts RAD KTM News The RAD KTM shop has undergone something of a transformation. And its too cool! Rather than the upstairs downstairs premises that they had, they opted to move around the corner, in the same building and to create a space that simply oozes the KTM brand - still on several levels - but the concept and feel of the brand new store is really awesome. You’ll recognise the same faces with a few new additions - and we’ll feature the team soon - when the shops signage and everything is completed. So - same place, just hit a left as you go through the boom gate. Same awesome coffee, lekker kuier plek outside. Awesome range of new KTM motorcycles and accessories. And what they might not have in store, you’ll probably find just up the stairs at the Bike Kings accessory megastore. More on this lot soon! Corner Rivonia and Witkoppen Road, Witkoppen Rd, Rivonia, Sandton. (011) 234-5007 12 DIRT & TRAIL MAGAZINE JUNE 2020