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Dirt and Trail July 2020

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– New gearbox

– New gearbox and selector mechanism with new ratios. Gearbox assembly is now lighter by 600 grams (250/300SE) – Total engine weight reduction of 1.2kg over last year (250/300SE) – New lightened secondary drive shaft + gearbox output standardization (125-250-300 2T) – New cylinder head with lower compression (250/300SE) – Updated ignition maps and new ignition coil control unit. Two selectable maps result in 5.5bhp power difference. 2021 Four-Stroke Updates and Highlights – Connecting rod bottom-end bearing has been changed to a plain bearing to improve engine life (250/300) – Tilt sensor (motorcycle engine shuts off in the event of a fall) – New connecting rod, which reduces low-speed stalling – Revised machining of the engine cases: Optimized for the new connecting rod, which reduces low-speed stalling. It also reduces the overheating of the engine oil. The lubricant has better circulation inside the engine. (250/300) – The balancer is the same as 2020 but with a smaller axis (250/300) – Compression lowered (250/300) – New intake and exhaust camshaft profile (250/300) – Sprockets of the anti-vibration balancer lightened (450/500) – Starter inner pinion has been lightened (450/500) – Oil pump gear has been lightened (450/500) – New 2021 Racing graphics kit Inmold – New Brake Spring: Larger diameter spring to improve pedal return For more information on the Sherco line visit 24 DIRT & TRAIL MAGAZINE JULY 2020