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Dirt and Trail July 2020

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SHERCO 2021 FACTORY & RACING LINE Sherco was first out of the gate, when their 2021 model lineup was made public mid last month. This French company certainly takes the fight to the big dogs out there, with exciting new developments, bikes on podiums and an incredibly loyal customer base. Locally the brand is imported by Sherco South Africa with their home base in Centurion near Pretoria. 2021 Sherco upgrades. We have watched the Sherco brand grow steadily locally– especially in the coastal regions of SA. We often ask for demo models to ride and review – but they seem to sell out so quickly that – well it’s been a while… the new bikes look pretty cool! The innovative French firm has just released their 2021 models – at a time when, thanks to lockdown, we have barely even seen the 2020’s. The factory in France is running at full strength, the company expects 2021 to be the biggest year yet in its 25 year history. Rather than a ground up change, the bikes have undergone significant upgrades… The off-road bikes are divided into two ranges: • The “Racing” line and the upgraded “Factory” line. • Both include a 125 two-Stroke (the 125SE), a 250 two-stroke (250SE) and a 300 two-stroke (300SE). • The four-strokes offered are the 250SEF, the 300SEF, the 450SEF and the 500SEF. 20 DIRT & TRAIL MAGAZINE JULY 2020 DIRT & TRAIL MAGAZINE JULY 2020 21