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Dirt and Trail July 2018 issue 2

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WE BUY AND SELL GOOD CONDITION SECOND HAND BIKES Cnr. Breed & Taaifontein Road, Montana, Pretoria. Tel. 012 548 0040/45 Grant Scott 082 706 0070 GPS - S25’ 40.724’ E 028’ 16.326’

Wow guys and gals, the response so far is amazing!! And the winner is... Here are the top few that we have selected so far, you need to put a bit of effort not just send a pic of boots, let the guys out there laugh a bit. It has been one of the best competitions we have ever done and had a massive response. A big thanks to all who entered, but there Final can selection only be one for winner. the winner Here to are be the announced 4 finalists and our overall July issue. winner Hey guys, Allow me to tell you a short background about how this picture came to be. You see, I have been dreaming of a new pair of boots for sometime now (about 5 years) and when I came across this competition in my favorite bike magazine, I new my chance had come for my dreams to come true. Now, there were many factors that played a part in getting the perfect shot, I will only tell you two for if I had to tell you more my short paragraph will most likely turn into an essay, and no-one has time for that! 1) My imagination led me to the idea of this photo but the problem was, I needed rain and a puddle for my ideas to come to life which I highly doubted since we are experiencing a drought in the Cape. But then, you won’t believe it, that night, it started to rain and it rained hard! Unbelievable. And the next morning, there was my puddle, just like that! (surely it’s a sign) 2) My old man is really not a master with technology, in fact, he avoids it. He was my only hope in capturing this shot as no one else was around and the common selfie wouldn’t have done justice in bringing to life my plight. Incredibly, after exceeding my phones memory limit due to the hitting of the capture button multiple times, we got the shot, the last one, the perfect one on the camera roll! Just amazing. We had so much fun putting this together and I really hope you take it into serious consideration! Thanks for a great mag! Keep them coming! Yours in riding, Bruce This is my SIDI boots I ride with today. I got them from my Dad who won “King of the Dirt” on that day and he finished 2nd in is class with his new YZ465 in Swakopmund (Namibia) in December of 1979. This is whats left of my boots. My girlfriend threw them away because they where falling apart lol. Really need a new pair riding barefoot is not fun CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Mr Llyod Atkinson you have been selected as the lucky winner of the brand new pair of Limited Edition ANTONIO CAIROLI Sidi Boots valued at R9999. Now go buy them nappies!!! CROSSFIRE 3 SRS CROSSFIRE 3 CROSSFIRE 3 CROSSFIRE 3 FLU YELLOW/BLACK ASH FLU YELLOW/BLACK WHITE/ORANGE/BLACK WHITE/BLUE/RED LIM AN CROSSFIRE 3 CROSSFIRE 3 CROSSFIRE 2 CROSSFIRE 2 BLACK/BLACK WHITE/FLU YELLOW/BLUE FLU YELLOW/GREY WHITE/BLUE/FLU ORANGE