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Dirt and Trail July 2018 issue 2

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New silicone Garmin

New silicone Garmin Etrex mounts This new model of Garmin mounts system was invented by Darryl Curtis. Silicone GPS mounts that come in pairs – if you only have 1 GPS, you can use the other side to carry your wine gums. The mounts boppa straight onto your handlebars. Easy to install and they keep your GPS snug and well secured.. we bought a set, we’ll be checking them out soon. (011) 4625520 R&G Combos for the G310 GS available at Holeshot Motorcycles These Swingarm Protectors for BMW G310R / GS ‘17- models, fit into the rear spindle, looking great and protecting the swingarm. Held in place by a stainless steel connecting bar design means installation is simple. They help protect the core, expensive components found around the swingarm area, such as the brake calliper, disc, sprocket and the swingarm itself. Stainless Steel Radiator Guard for the BMW G310R ‘17- and G310GS ‘17- models (SRG0054SS) The R&G Stainless Steel Radiator Guard series is a more rugged version of their aluminium radiator guard. Constructed from 1mm stainless steel sheet allows the guard to be strong and impervious to rust – perfect for bikes and riders who want to tackle demanding terrains and conditions. The laser-cut grills are designed for maximum airflow to the radiator so that cooling isn’t compromised; the Radiator Guard is as good looking as it is purposeful. The CNC finished guard attaches easily and quickly to the front of the radiator, either by utilising the existing mounting bolts or by cable tie. No modifications need to be made to the bike to install this radiator guard. This R&G Stainless Steel Radiator Guard protects both of the radiators on the BMW G310R ‘17- and G310GS ‘17- models. Bar End Sliders for the BMW G310R / GS ‘17- (BE0112BK) R&G Bar End protectors have been specially designed and developed for the BMW G310R / GS ‘17- models. Helping to protect expensive levers and clip ons from damage in the event of a drop, crash or slide. Easy to install they simply screw-in-place of the OE bar ends taking only seconds. A selected dealers like Holeshot 011 826 5163