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Dirt and Trail July 2018 issue 2

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dunes and really made the best of it in the hour or so we were there. This was also my 2nd “incident” that I was not happy with. I was on top of this huge dune, going down and cross over to the next. Not knowing what is on the other side I decided to turn but my whole approach was wrong. The bike dipped to the left down side and we took a tumble. The bike almost buried under the sand and I managed to break the screen brackets. Luckily there was some spares at the camp it could be repaired. The next day was a movie shoot day. For the first time, we experienced a massive sandstorm that we had to ride in on the way back from shooting. You just follow the track on the GPS to the camp… Competition Day 3: Day 2 was a bit tough on the participants and a few got injured. BMW made the call to make it a transport day to the next camp. Still 300 km for the day it was no easy task. Gert and I had to leave early to see if the ice had melted already and that participants could pass through the canyons which are so breathtaking to ride in. There were no special stages for the day so everyone could relax and just enjoy the ride. We arrived at the ice bank that was still there, but managed to cross it. So the call was made that all could cross but only by pushing the bike over. This was so much fun. We just stuck to the end of the pack till we got to the Gobi desert camp. It is like a painting that cannot be explained. For the first time, I managed to skip sleeping in a tent and got a Ger for the night. Later a massive sandstorm approached again and some were left tent less. Not much sleep for the night. The Country Trax boys... Day 3 in the canyon... 78 DIRT & TRAIL MAGAZINE JULY 2018

Day 4 (Scouting) 270km: This riding day was amazing starting through some canyons again then the next moment we are in the desert again but not dunes just some sand. Stop for Special stage info and off again. Quick stop at a small village for some fuel and then of to the Flaming canyons (I think). To try to understand how these canyons are formed is mind blowing. Then, through some sandy bits to the next special stage. Towing the bike. To make it even more complicated it is very sandy so to get the course finalized is not easy. Competition day 4: Gert and I had no job for the day as the Tyre change challenge was moved to the next day. Again we just slotted in behind a group starting early as we wanted to witness most of the Towing the bike exercise. Here I had to do a Facebook Live broadcast with Andy Dukes, this was fun. Team South Africa nailed it and extended their lead on the tables. Later when we arrived at the camp, we surprised the participants with a tent pitching competition. After a long day, this is the last thing on your list… other than eat and sleep. The winners here were our 2 ladies with Sonia from France with a record tent pitching time. The spirits were good in camp and we got entertained with a show of traditional clothing. Very exiting. Day 5 (Scouting) Nothing much in the morning with a visit to the first special stage and then we moved on to continue North. We started the day in the desert and we ended the day in the lavish green mountains that remind you of Lesotho. On top of the mountain was the stop for Special stage 2 .You just have to stop and take in the scenery for a moment. We took extra long to get to the next camp as we were enjoying the landscaping to much. Luckily for us we spend another day here as we had to do some filming. Competition day 5: It was an easy start, weather was good and everybody is in a good mood. Gert and I were responsible to set up stage no 1. Teams had to cross a river section 4 times riding slalom through “gates”. It was not easy as it was very sandy and momentum was key. Everybody did very well here and we were proud of everybody’s performances. It was a quick cleanup and we knew that there were no major sand issues ahead, just a lot of single track riding. We followed the teams to the next filling point, then took the shortcut to the next special stage to witness the teams taking on the trails route that was set for them. This was all about clutch and throttle control. The only distracting fact about this exercise is the view from the top. I managed to get a good spot on some boulders to spectate this exercise. Had a quick snooze too... After the stage everybody took a relaxed scenic route to camp. Again the teams were faced with a curveball special stage. It was time for the Metzeler tyre challenge. It was simple. Get the tyre off the rim and back on again. The bead was already broken so it was just a go. Team USA were the masters here. A nice cool quite night made for a good sleep. Day 6 (Scouting): Early start again as we had a long day in the saddle. Soon we stopped at a forest for the first special stage. It’s unbelievable that you can be in the desert the one day and the next in the mountain forest. We stopped for the next stage to cross a deep river. Wet boots are not nice, but we had to do it. It was a long, long ride to the camp that is based on the side of the Ugij Lake. A massive lake in the desert area. It was cool but so pretty. Competition day 6: We got the news that there was a massive outbreak of Foot and Mouth disease in the area. 4 of us left early to set up the river crossing challenge. Then we got the bad news, the special was cancelled. We headed back to the last town where we met the rest of the group. It was decided then to make a special stage in between the trees At the demonstration the mongol warriors said hello. DIRT & TRAIL MAGAZINE JULY 2018 79