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Dirt and Trail July 2018 issue 2

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Donovan Says: First

Donovan Says: First impression - a sexy looking little bike, great lines and stance It’s a comfortable bike to sit and ride for a taller rider, nice riding position. The motor is nippy all though it does sound like a little popcorn machine when revved. Awesome fun in the traffic and easy to move around with. On the highway it performed well and was comfortable cruising at 120km/h and had lots left for overtaking and cruising above the speed limit. Motor was comfortable at speeds of 130 -135km/h and was not over revving at those speeds. The bike offers little to no wind protection and taller rides will feel this on the highways. The front brake took some getting used to though, the nose of the bike dives every time you pull it. The BMW handled the dirt very well and was comfortable on the dirt and rocks, as long as you remember to leave the front brake alone. Nice ground clearance allows it to climb the rocks nicely Michelle says: Hits: • I like the look very pretty Misses: • I found the bike a bit uncomfortable. • The front suspension is too soft • When you brake it sticks it nose in the ground it didn’t make me feel comfortable. • I had to look for the rear brake • Build quality not as good as the other bikes. Corinne says: My first ride of the day – we hadn’t checked the tyre pressure and so I was all over the show in the dirt and the slippery grass twee spoor trail [a bit scary]. Turns out that the wheels were pumped to 3 bars of pressure. Not bad on the tar and handles well, though I thought a bit under powered for a 310cc. I found the bike a little bit big and bulky with a seat from hell when sitting astride. The seat cut into my inner thighs but once your feet are on the pegs the seat is okay. A nice looking bike but somehow doesn’t feel quality like a BMW should. Bryan says: Hits: • BMW 310- Pros- Nice and light • Good looking bike • Comfortable seat • Very soft ride • Motor quite strong (but noisy) Misses: • I got a bit of a head shake on dirt • Build quality not as good as I expected • The tank shape odd for long legs • Front end feels a bit too soft • Found that it stalled a lot. Kurt says: I saved my turn on the BMW 310 GS for the pass. I’ve read all the reviews, it sounded impressive. I jumped on board the BMW just before Breedsnek, I had not been over this pass in years and had forgotten what it was like after getting used to the GS clutch. I think it stalls far too easily. The 310 GS handled all the gnarly sections, and gnarly they were, quite comfortably, braking is good, suspension coped well, quick direction changes, which were often, were handled well. Not once did I feel uncomfortable, or that I wanted to be on any of the other bikes over this very rough pass, I am suitably impressed. 68 DIRT & TRAIL MAGAZINE JULY 2018