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Dirt and Trail July 2018 issue 2

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Wow guys

Wow guys and gals, the response was amazing!! Here are the last selected entries. TURN TO INSIDE BACK COVER TO SEE THE WINNING PIC. Hello Glenn Foley I trust this mail finds you well. I would like to enter my man’s image into this competition and why: The image: I’m a pro photographer sins 2003, Snapdragon Photography, KZN and this is the least I can do for him. My passion for photography and this man has created this amazing image. When he kickstarts his bike I feel the pain in my stomach with those skankie, dirty broken boots ! So here’s my passion, combined with his passion and perseverance in life! Troy Crawford Got my bike, got my kit (well, most of it!), all that is missing now are decent quality dirt bike boots! Hey there. I need a pair of boots so bad. This is my first ride with my son. No mx boots used my road boots oh boy that didn’t work out as planned. Kick start got stuck in boot lost balance end up with kick start in my foot. Five stiches later and still on crutches. Right boot for the right ride. Pieter Hamman When varsity got you to resort to drastic measures - ‘braai-ing’ my beat up boots to survive, the party must go on and I got to keep on sending it somehow, in need of some new boots to pick up chicks please! P.S. Will braai for motocross gear.

Cable-tying my soles back on in Swaziland!!! Regards Steve Lauter Hi Guys. I’m sitting here today with tears in my eyes, wondering where I’m going to get a new pair of boots. My only pair boots had seen better days, have no money, and today it become worse, I’ve Started hearing things, Then I realise it’s my boots that are talking to me. Hello Dirt & Trail Magazine. My name is Gerrit Olivier. I love my boots and I want new ones because there is a hole inside one boot and the clips are not working like they need to. So my mom said I should get rid of them and then buy new ones. So one day when I got back from school she said that she took my boots and got a way to use them. So she is now using one boot without a hole as a pot for a sunflower. So I am saving up to by Sidi’s for myself. It will be very nice if I could win the competition. Thanks for the chance to enter. Hi Sir, is this the end of our road together as you can see I lost half of my body on the track. Remember the good old days with you flying on the track, Please Remember me................... I think it’s urgent time for a new pair of boots. Kind Regards, Jaco Malan