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Dirt and Trail July 2018 issue 2

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A lot more comfortable

A lot more comfortable cruising on the highway at about 115km/h leaving you enough to overtake if you need to. Great wind protection on the highway Michelle says: Hits: • I like the Suzuki ‘coz of the height and my feet can both reach the ground. • It is light to handle if you need to catch it. • It is comfortable in the saddle. • Brakes are good. • I like the look of it. • It runs around happily at 120 on the freeway and is stable … needs a little more oomph. • It handles gravel well … on road tyres not too bad but I would fit a dual compound tyre for hitting the gravel roads.. Misses: • It’s a bit lazy – compared to the other bikes on test. • I don’t like the mirrors as they are a bit in the way – especially off-road. • It could use wider handle bars ( Which might fix the problem with mirrors) • It gets to the limiter too quickly on the freeway ( when you need the extra oomph). Corinne says: A really nice looking motorcycle – not too tall and it handles well on road and off-road. I found it a bit under powered and feels like it needed another gear as it tends to over rev. I couldn’t wait to ride it but found myself a little underwhelmed –I did expect more but had to remind myself that it is only a 250. Maybe I was let down after the 650cc V Strom because that is such a fantastic bike and expected the same smooth, faultless ride. Great quality feel though. Bryan says: Hits: • Low seat • Light • Quite comfy • Good brakes. Misses: • Quality feel and build quality. • Needs more grunt – revs a lot. • Lacks real personality, it feels a bit confused. Kurt says: I only had a short stint on the Suzuki 250 V-Strom, and was very impressed; it has a comprehensive dash, a very revvy smooth twin cylinder motor, comfortable saddle and ample wind protection, the only improvement I would suggest would be wider handlebars, especially when venturing off the beaten track. Brakes were good, handling was stable, it did not feel like a 250 in bike size, it felt slightly bigger. I did not ride dirt on the Suzuki, but others that did were pretty impressed. 62 DIRT & TRAIL MAGAZINE JULY 2018