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Dirt and Trail July 2018 issue 2

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non-adjustable clutch

non-adjustable clutch lever is straightforward. We reckon that by fitting a pipe and maybe modifying the airbox, you’ll get a few extra ponies out of her… With nearly nine inches of travel for the gaiter-equipped front fork, Our riders had no problem bouncing over the rutted pass, picking the best routes through the step ups, rock strewn paths and ruts.. Although shod with dual sport tyres— which are naturally a compromise—the Bridgestone Trail Wing 30s do a great job on tar and gravel. They held fast in the dirt and on the road. The easy power delivery helps. There’s a single 245mm front disc to keep the Yamaha XT250’s speed in check, and action at the right lever is appropriately mild on initial engagement. Squeeze harder and you’ll find enough power to slow the bike quickly, but nothing to chuck you over the bars. Similarly, the rear brake works just fine. Wandering down a dirt road, or a slightly gnarly trail on the XT250 can be as laid back as a Sunday drive—the bike is so comfortable and casual it really makes for a great travel companion. Man did our guys have fun! The 2018 Yamaha XT250 is an excellent example of the versatility that a dual sport bike offers in a small package. The small displacement makes it a great motorcycle for novices, or anyone looking for an easygoing, solid, dependable ride. Donovan Says: • First impression – what’s a bike from the 80’s doing here.....???? • A very plain, no fuss little bike. No fancy electronics or plastics. • A little on the low side for someone of my height and absolutely no wind protection at all. But saying that, its motor is surprisingly nippy with all my weight on the seat. It’s fun to play around with in the traffic and to use to run to the corner shop with and back. Handles the rough stuff very well and you need not worry about breaking plastics if you had to drop it in the dirt. On the highway it ran okay considering it’s only a little 250cc. Even running it flat taps at 125km/h the motor didn’t sound like it was being over revved at all. It’s at home in the dirt and plays like a little mx bike. A bike that could work very well for your kid to run to school to and back and still go play around in the dirt over weekends for a little fun but not entirely suited to well for long rides on the high way… Michelle says: Hits: • It’s great for getting around on and off road. • Nice and light. • It’s a great bike for anyone who wants to ride tar, then hop off into the gravel, back to tar. (Does that make sense?) • Very basic, so you are not worried about smashing stuff up if you crash. Misses: • Man, I think it’s ugly compared to some of the other bikes on this ride. • It’s wobbly at speeds on the freeway. • The big bulky bracket on the back might be practical but – hey I’m a girl I like classy looks. Corinne says: The ugly duckling with a BIG heart. User friendly, light and goes anywhere, anytime. This little 250 could make a mountain goat cry. Comfortable seat and suspension, no flash plastics basic, simple and efficient. I felt completely at home on the tar, rocks and on the long dirt roads. Not the fastest [133kmph] but it had Brian and myself arm-wrestling over this unassuming little 250. Bryan says: Hits: • Plush ride. • Fantastic little bike. • Loads of fun to ride. • Super light and agile. • Very low seat height. • Peppy well geared motor. Misses: • Little wind protection (not much problem at the speeds it can get to). • Riders with Long legs get slightly cramped. • They need to update and modernize the styling. Kurt says: On Monday I get this phone-call from Glenn, asking if I want to go and test a few small bore bikes on Wednesday, what a question, work, or ride bikes, so I’m there on Wednesday morning, bright eyed and empty tailed, there’s this row of small bore dual sport bikes, some more dual than others… we kit up and get ready to go, there stands this little Yamaha XT 250, all forlorn and lonesome, completely ignored, I hate to see a sad bike, so I jump aboard, the XT 250 is the cheapest option here, and the most basic, but once out on the trails I was glad to be astride the little Yammie, still feeling rather fragile myself, it is light, nimble and agile, in the bush it will go anywhere, braking is good, the suspension soaked up the rough terrain comfortably. Once back on tar it was at a bit of a disadvantage against the others at top end, but held its own quite well. 58 DIRT & TRAIL MAGAZINE JULY 2018