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Dirt and Trail July 2018 issue 2

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As the sun set, it got

As the sun set, it got colder and colder – as we crossed the little rivers and vleilands, the temperature literally plummeted… the wind chill factor is not too bad because the bikes aren’t really that fast. It was a very chilly bunch that arrived back at the office to hot coffee. Big smiles all around. Just less than 300 happy KM’s for the day. Here’s the skinny. These are not the biggest baddest bikes on the planet but for this ride/route we could not really have asked for much more. Too much fun was had by well – everyone. Meet your riders: For this test we selected a great selection of riders from all sorts of riding backgrounds. • Corinne Andrews is quite literally one of the most experienced lady riders in the country. She’s been riding bikes since before most of us were born. She’s raced the Roof, countless desert runs and is the lady responsible for the annual Q4Q event. She owned and rode a V-Strom for years and currently outrides most boys on her Raptor 700. • Bryan Schwim is a qualified, very experienced motorcycle mechanic. He’s been riding since he was a chicken – and currently rides an old BMW GS1100 – one of the very first ones. An XT660Z and when he hits the dirt it’s on his WR450. He was not much use as a mechanic on this trip because none of the bikes gave any hassles. • Kurt Beine is the man behind the Roam Africa forum. He has a wealth of adventure experience – has written features for Biker lifestyle magazine and Dirt and Trail magazines for years. He’s somewhat biased towards orange motorcycles For this ride, he traded his big 1290 for these slightly faster motorcycles. • Donovan Gibbons, better known as Nemo for his ability to get lost anywhere traded his road bike patch for a Triumph Explorer a few years ago. Since then the dirt bug has really bitten with a 350 Katoom in the garage and lots of kilometres under the belt. For this ride, we stuck Donovan mid pack and made sure he had someone to follow. He did not go missing. • Michelle Leppan, is related to Le Potts and Le Spoons. You should check this girl tear around the race track on her GSXR750. A coupla years back, the family discovered dirt on their quads and – as happens it has stuck. She was chucked into the deep end when we did the V-Strom feature a few issues back, but we bribed her to come back and ride all of these ones… Except for Michelle and the V-Strom, none of these guys and girls had ridden any of these bikes, so we were keen to hear their feedback… We made no suggestions and gave no input. This was a riders test and it is interesting to read and see what everyone thought. If you are in the market for a bike like this, go and ride each of them before you part with your hard earned shekels. Please man - dont be silly... The views at the top of the pass are pretty spectacular. 54 DIRT & TRAIL MAGAZINE JULY 2018